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WhatsApp makes new test with messages that are automatically deleted

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If you have problems with messages that you send and that can be circulating around, your problems may be close to ending. At least on WhatsApp: the social network is conducting new tests to provide a feature in which messages are automatically deleted.

The information was published by WaBetaInfo, a website specialized in anticipating and following up on WhatsApp news. The option is present in the latest beta version of the Android app and is not yet available to all users.

The solution automatically deletes messages from both contacts without leaving a trace. According to WaBetaInfo, users will be able to select the option and have the records of new messages deleted after seven days.

WhatsApp may soon let users schedule messages to be deleted

Image: Playback / WaBetaInfo

The new feature responds to the demands for privacy guarantee and follows a path already followed by other messaging applications, such as Telegram, which has offered the option since the beginning of 2019, and Signal, famous for being chosen by Edward Snowden and United States Senate.

WhatsApp even prepares a new privacy policy for Brazilians. Although the content of the content is not yet clear, the initiative, already carried out by other networks such as Facebook and Instagram, may be an early response to the entry into force of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) in Brazil.

The information from this new policy will be displayed in the app’s banner for both Android and iOS users.


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