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What is the difference between bitcoin and blockchain?

by ace
What is the difference between bitcoin and blockchain?

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I have a question about cryptocurrencies. What is the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain? – Leonardo

Hello Leonardo! Bitcoin is one of hundreds of existing cryptocurrencies. It has gained huge notoriety due to its high appreciation in 2018.

The blockchain, on the other hand, is the necessary structure for storing transactions made with cryptocurrencies. This means that any cryptocurrency requires the blockchain to operate. Nevertheless, the blockchain is not restricted to virtual currency trading.

This technology is already considered the main legacy of cryptocurrencies, because it has allowed to integrate and validate thousands of information stored in databases around the world.

There are several projects that use this technology, such as medical research, logistics management for grain exportation, remuneration of artists in music streaming services, among others.

The instant payment mode, which will soon come into operation in Brazil, requires a blockchain-based network, but completely independent of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin virtual currency representation - Photo: Jack Guez / AFP

Bitcoin virtual currency representation – Photo: Jack Guez / AFP

Hi Ronaldo! I'm learning how to program for the iPhone and to compile my apps I need a Macbook. Is it worth buying a used Macbook for me to continue my studies? – Guilherme

Hello Guilherme! You can buy a second-hand Macbook to use as a programming tool. But it is necessary to consider some aspects:

  • Verify that the computer's year of manufacture is over 2011. Only newer equipment is supported by the latest version of the MacOS operating system. This is the main prerequisite for installing the current version of Xcode, which is the programming tool for create your apps;
  • Test the entire keyboard to verify that it is working correctly;
  • Check for any signs or marks on the screen as these failures may soon compromise computer use and are a costly component to replace;
  • Test the audio performance. It is common for some Macbook models to make unpleasant noises due to speaker problems;
  • Test connectivity from USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ports;
  • Check the battery runtime.

Apple-made computers have good durability, but their components aren't usually cheap. For this reason, prefer to invest in equipment without defects.

And the main thing: make sure iCloud is released so you can enter your account, never buy a device of dubious origin and blocked iCloud.

Night mode and power saving

Hi Ronaldo! I read about the advantages of night mode, will using this setting really save battery power? – Edward

Hello Eduardo! Yes, night mode – in addition to providing greater visual comfort when using the device in dimly lit environments – allows you to save battery power due to the significant reduction in screen brightness of your phone.


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