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"We're still involved" with the weather, Pelosi says at COP25

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"We're still involved" with the weather, Pelosi says at COP25

Madrid, 2 Dec 2019 (AFP) – US House of Representatives Democrat Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed on Monday at the COP25 US support for the Paris Agreement despite the withdrawal of the climate pact announced by Donald Trump .

Pelosi and a group of 15 Democratic members of Congress meet in Madrid for the UN climate meeting, a strong political gesture a month after the US president made his departure from the Paris Agreement official.

"We are here to tell all of you on behalf of the US House of Representatives and Congress that we remain involved," Pelosi told a news conference prior to the official launch of COP25.

His words were received with applause by those present, including several heads of state and government.

Pelosi said she was "proud" of the commitment of the accompanying congressmen.

"At the top of their agenda, they recognize the United States' role in saving the planet for future generations. It's a mission, a passion, a science-based approach," he said.

He noted that climate change, an "existential threat", could result in public health, economic and national security problems.

"We have a moral responsibility to future generations to leave them a better-off planet in the best possible state," Pelosi insisted.

While some 200 countries are represented in the Spanish capital at least at ministerial level, and in many cases by heads of state and government, the United States has chosen a diplomat to head its official delegation.

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