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Vizcarra says he dissolved Congress thinking about the best for Peru

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Vizcarra says he dissolved Congress thinking about the best for Peru

President made first public appearance since issuing decree to close Congress and call new legislative elections in the country

Peruvian President Martín Vizcarra said on Friday he had decided to dissolve Congress by thinking of the best for the country, as he said the move would put an end to disputes between the executive and the legislature.

On a business visit to the city of Pucallpa, in the Peruvian Amazon, Vizcarra acknowledged that the last days were difficult, but said all decisions made by him were made thinking about what is best for the country and for all Peruvians.

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This was Vizcarra's first public appearance since the publication of the decree to dissolve Congress and call new legislative elections in the country. Part of the opposition responded by approving the temporary suspension of the president. The country's vice president, Mercedes Araóz, came to be sworn in interim, but resigned.

"We have enormous potential and it does not develop because the political class does not rise to the circumstances to work and devote to real problems," he said.

Constitutional prerogatives

Vizcarra again stated that he used constitutional prerogatives to close the Congress, which is dominated by the Fujimorist position. Yesterday, the president inaugurated a new cabinet, a requirement laid down by law when a motion of confidence by the government is rejected by Congress.

"I want to reaffirm here that all decisions have been made respecting our democracy and our constitution. (_) We must make it clear to the population that the enemy of Peruvians is poverty, lack of basic services. That must be the main objective," he said. Vizcarra

For the Peruvian president, the legislative elections scheduled for January 26 will be an opportunity to overcome this "stage of confrontation" in the country.

Vizcarra also highlighted the fact that he was accompanied by two new ministers on the trip, evidence that the government continues to function normally despite congressional approval of the president's temporary suspension.

Peruvian Crisis

The Peruvian political crisis worsened last Monday. Annoyed by the decision of the Fujimorism to proceed with the vote of the new members of the Constitutional Court, Vizcarra sent a motion of confidence to Congress to modify the criteria for choosing the new judges.

Congress ignored the government's action, prompting then-Peruvian Prime Minister Salvador del Solar to hand over the position on the grounds that the motion of confidence had been rejected. Vizcarra then dissolved the Legislature.

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