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Viralizing video denouncing the drama of school shootings in the US

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Viralizing video denouncing the drama of school shootings in the US

In commercials, young people show back-to-school items, such as running shoes, warm clothing, and socks to save bleeding peers.

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Back at school, parents try to buy the best materials for their children to start a new school year, such as sturdy backpacks, quality notebooks, pencils and pens, and new clothes. But in the United States, the reasons for deciding what kind of material to buy may have another meaning.

Released on Wednesday (18), the video produced by the NGO Sandy Hook Promise shows some children showing the new materials, considered essential for the new school year.

A boy appears taking the new backpack from the closet, a girl displays the new colorful folders. Everything normal. Until a boy shows up talking about the new sneakers while running away from a shooter inside the school.

The video also shows a girl wearing a coat to block the court door and another saying that her new sock could turnstile a friend who was shot. Inside a classroom, two children show up holding scissors and sharpened pencils if they need to protect themselves.

The video ends with a girl texting her mom, “Mom, I love you,” while hiding from the shooter inside the bathroom.

Published on Twitter, the video went from 2 million views in less than 12 hours.

Standardization of mass shootings

Mass shootings within schools in the United States have become a sad reality. In 2012, 20 children and 6 adults were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The massacre was not the only one. In February 2018, 17 other youths died in a Parkland, Florida college.

The chance of school shootings has become so common that teachers have learned to make tourniquets if they need to save a shot student, and bulletproof backpacks began to be marketed.

Sandy Hook Promise

After the massacre, parents created the NGO Sandy Hook Promise to "honor the dead by armed violence and use the tragedy in a time of transformation by providing programs and training that protect children from violence," as explained on the organization's website.

In addition to Sandy Hook, survivors of the Parkland massacre also took steps to warn of school violence and protested that authorities take steps to restrict access to weapons.

In the United States, possession and possession of weapons is released in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, written in 1776, and states are free to decide how freely residents can buy and keep weapons at home.

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