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Vehicle production grows 11% in September, and Anfavea reduces projection of …

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Vehicle production grows 11% in September, and Anfavea reduces projection of ...

Vehicle production in Brazil grew 10.9% in September, announced on Monday (7) Anfavea, the manufacturers association. The comparison is with the month of September 2018.

According to the entity, 247,333 vehicles (automobiles, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses) were produced last month, against 233,081 a year ago.

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In the accumulated of 2019, between January and September, 2,258,338 copies were manufactured – against 2,194,349 of the same period last year. The increase in this case was 2.9%.

When the comparison is made with the previous month (August), when 269,758 vehicles were produced, there was a decrease of 8.3%.

Revised Projections Down

Anfavea revised downward expectations for production in the year. It is still forecasting high, but 2.1%, well below the 9% expected at the beginning of the year. For the entity, Brazil will close 2019 with 2.94 million vehicles produced.

The projected growth in sales was also reduced from 11.45% to 9.1%, representing 2.8 million units.

Already in exports, automakers now predict a larger fall than they had estimated at the beginning of the year. The expected drop rate went from 6.2% to 33.2%, with 420 thousand units.

Trucks and light commercials on the rise

Trucks remain the industry's most optimistic category and grew 14.2% between September 2019 and 2018 – heavy models accounted for 31.7% of this growth.

After them, with 10.8% higher production in the same periods, are the light vehicles. Within the segment, light commercial vehicles grew 47.2%.

Exports keep falling

Despite the increase in production in domestic industry, exports continued to fall in September, by 7.1%. The number fell from 39,451 to 36,640 units.

The biggest reduction, however, only appears in the comparison between the year-to-date export. From January to September 2019 337,499 vehicles were sent out of the Brazilian territory. In the same period of 2018 were 524,291. The fall was 35.6%.



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