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USA: Intensive care patients double in California

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USA: Intensive care patients double in California

The number of patients treated in intensive care units in California (USA) has doubled in the last 24 hours and the number of coronavirus infections continues to increase in the state, warned Governor Gavin Newsom on Saturday (28).

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The Democrat said, during a conference call, that 410 patients are in intensive care compared to the 200 patients reported on Friday. Although the governor did not specify whether the number was coronavirus patients or whether they had been admitted to the ICU for other reasons.

During a visit to fuel cell company Bloom Energy, which changed its operations to restore fans to treat patients with coronavirus, the governor warned that the number of people who were hospitalized with the virus increased by almost 40%, from 746 people on Friday to 1,034 this Saturday.

The number of confirmed cases with covid-19 in the state reached 4,980 this Saturday morning and the deaths stood at 104, according to data from the Los Angeles Times.

California performed about 89,600 tests, 25,192 people received the results, while 64,400 are still waiting for a response, according to data from the California Department of Health.

Those awaiting the results include patients and health staff from a Riverside County doctor, who was infected and had contact with several people.

More fans

One of Newsom's biggest concerns is that California is prepared to deal with excess patients in hospitals.

Golden State has acquired and / or identified 4,252 fans, 1,000 of which need to be restored, and this is part of the work being done by companies like Bloom Energy.

Newsom said the goal is to have 10,000 respirators in the next few days.

"As we see conditions change in real time, we have the ability to go even further," said the governor.

As part of the measures to face this scenario, this Friday, the US Navy hospital ship Mercy docked in Los Angeles, with a capacity of 1,000 beds and 800 professionals to assist health professionals during the crisis of the new coronavirus.

In the same vein, Newsom warned that the state will face a "spike" in coronavirus cases in the next two weeks, for authorities to increase the hospital's capacity with 50,000 extra beds.

"We are doing everything humanly possible to prepare, but our eyes are wide open for what could be a crisis that requires 50,000 beds," said Newsom.

California managed to secure 101 million N95 masks collected worldwide to deal with the pandemic.


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