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US to send second tier representative to climate meeting

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Washington, 19 Sep 2019 (AFP) – The government of Donald Trump, which is increasingly showing skepticism about global warming, will be represented by a State Department agency official at the UN climate summit, which at the UN Next Monday will bring together dozens of heads of state and government in New York.

The head of the Agency for Oceans, International Science and Environmental Affairs, Marcia Bernicat, a career official who was ambassador to Bangladesh, "will represent the United States at the UN Secretary-General's climate summit," she said on Wednesday. AFP a State Department representative.

The summit organized by UN chief Antonio Guterres aims to convince the world's leaders to reinforce their commitment to limit the warming of the Earth to 1.5ºC or 2ºC compared to the 19th century.

But no Washington plan is expected. Trump announced in 2017 that the United States had withdrawn from the Paris climate agreement, estimating that it was detrimental to the US economy and since then multiplying measures to make environmentally friendly regulations more flexible.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Guterres said companies, rating agencies, "billion dollar" investment funds and banks are increasingly supporting a green economy, and that he hopes will "have a strong impact on the making." of decisions of political leaders "

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