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US drone attack refers to Hollywood series and movies

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US drone attack refers to Hollywood series and movies

The use of drones for military attacks, a strategy used by the United States to kill Iranian General Qasem Soleimani last Friday in Iraq, refers to American action films and series that have portrayed this military tactic in different ways.

The technology began to be used in the 1950s for espionage and was enhanced for decades by the Israeli and US armies, even used by Iran in the 1980s as a weapon. Its most modern form of missiles has been used since 2001 by the US mainly in attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq in the so-called "War on Terror" in response to "9/11."

A few years later, the use of missile drones was already widely used on small screens. The 2006 movie "Mission Impossible 3" shows star Tom Cruise on a bridge struggling to survive drone attacks amid several explosions.

There were at least 60 appearances of these aircraft in movies, according to specialized websites. Going through works like Robocop and Transformers and returning to actor Tom Cruise in 2020, with the continuation of the movie Top Gun, which is due to be released mid-year.

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Technology is not just about action scenes. The Homeland series, featuring actress Claire Danes, focuses on foreign policy and counter-terrorism and also shows the use of drones.


Military strategy has a clear advantage over the use of traditional aircraft which is to eliminate the chance of pilots dying.

That's what makes the MQ-9 Reaper, the drone used by the USA in this week's action. The drone was possibly piloted from one of two specialized bases in the Midwest state of Nevada using satellites.

The aircraft is 20 meters wide and 11 meters wide and weighs over 2 tons. According to US press, the aircraft does not go out for less than $ 11 million. The US Air Force currently has 93 such drones in the fleet.

With modern sensors and radars, the device allows precision in attack. It can fly above commercial airplanes at speeds of up to 440 km / h and also participate in rescue operations.

The use of drones, as well as other weapons, also sometimes implies the killing of civilians in military actions and raises questions. This is portrayed in several of the many films and series that address this type of military strategy, such as the lengthy 2015 Risk Decision.

Unlike other works that only show drone attacks quickly, this movie is basically made up of monitoring terrorists in Kenya and the decision the military has to make to order the attack or not, considering the imminent possibility of killing civilians.

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