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Uber offers graduation discount for partner and family drivers

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Uber announced today that it is expanding Uber Pro, the company's new driver benefits program that also benefits family members.

In Brazil, the advantages program is being built based on the opinion of those who drive with the application. Since 2018, several partners have attended meetings on the subject, in a similar dynamic to that adopted at the time of the release of the latest version of the application used by drivers.

The first phase of testing involved partner drivers from the cities of Curitiba, Fortaleza and São Paulo. Uber Pro is now available nationwide.

The driver falls into one of four program categories that offers progressive advantages based on partner engagement on the Uber platform and other determined criteria: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

In the Gold category, for example, partners get a 50% discount on undergraduate undergraduate courses offered at Kroton Group universities such as Anhanguera, Unopar or Pythagoras.

The discount for this advantage will be extended to the partners' families, who may indicate up to three additional dependents to enroll in undergraduate courses and pay less in tuition.

Uber Pro partner drivers of any category, including family members, also get up to 50 percent off the Smart Fit gym network, the company said. The discount is obtained through the TotalPass app, another Uber partner in the benefits program.

How it works

To gain access to the benefits offered by Uber Pro, partner drivers need to have an average user rating of at least 4.85 stars, in addition to other criteria.

Partner drivers accumulate points on each trip taken and, depending on the amount of points accumulated, will fall into one of four categories.

"We are committed to partner drivers who choose to drive with our app and want to offer all the conditions for them to achieve their personal goals, both behind the wheel and away from it," said Claudia Woods, Uber's general manager in Brazil.

"That's why we're excited to be able to offer benefits that extend to their families and help them make the most of their time driving."



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