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U.S. States Backtrack on Reopening as Coronavirus Cases Climb

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U.S. States Backtrack on Reopening as Coronavirus Cases Climb

With new cases of coronavirus suddenly emerging in several states that had low and manageable loads just a few months ago, confusion and anger are circulating among those who obeyed drastic social measures and blockades for a sense of civic duty to help control the outbreak. from the USA. .

Across the country, cases have increased by 65% ​​in the past two weeks. On Friday, the country registered more than 45,000 new infections, a record. On Saturday night, more than 41,000 cases of the coronavirus were announced in the United States, including one-day records in Florida, Nevada and South Carolina. It was the third consecutive day with more than 40,000 new cases in the country.

Prior to this week, the country’s highest daily total was 36,738 on April 24.

Many businessmen and workers who have lost their jobs say they believe that their leaders have not prepared themselves for the economic devastation that followed the stoppages adopted by states, to varying degrees, since March. And they say that recent reopenings have undermined their sacrifices.

In recent weeks, some conservatives have said they have an additional concern: after weeks of knowing that going to church, attending funerals and attending protests was a voluntary and careless rejection of science, political leaders and some public health officials tolerated – and even united – the crowds protesting the death of George Floyd and other black Americans.

“It’s just a real social coup,” said Philip Campbell, vice president of a pest control company in central Michigan, who participated in the first protests against the blockade in Lansing in April of his truck cab. “Two weeks ago, you cannot leave because you are going to kill your grandmother. Now it’s ‘you have an obligation to leave’. I feel that science and public health officials have been politicized. “

Several states are reconsidering their plans to reopen. Florida and Texas repositioned the boundaries of bars, banning drinking inside or completely shutting down the facilities, while struggling to control what appeared to be a public public health catastrophe. All of this left people with a bitterness towards public officials for what appears to be a disaster at the voters’ sacrifices.


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