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The 7 best things to buy during Anthropologie’s huge summer sale

by ace
The 7 best things to buy during Anthropologie's huge summer sale

Obsessed with Anthropologie, but trying to stay within budget? This sale is what you’ve been waiting for. (Photo: Anthropologie)

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We all have our favorite products from Anthropologie – and most can agree that Capri candles ($ 14) are the best – but when it comes to buying clothes, it can be difficult to find anything in the price range. For a limited time, however, you can get 50% off selected sales items already discounted at the store, with many boho-chic styles up for grabs for less than $ 100.

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Savings are applied automatically to your cart, but do not apply to all products on sale; therefore, you will need to dig a little. Fortunately, we’ve already done the hard work for you. Here are some of the most popular and top-selling items you want to add to your cart before they run out, from kimonos to sandals and more.

1. 72% discount: This head-turning tie-dye jacket

Step up this fall with a really cute motorcycle jacket. (Photo: Anthropologie)

As an experienced buyer – and a dedicated business hunter – I am going to tell you a little secret: the best time to buy jackets for fall and winter? It really is now. It may seem strange to buy something you won’t be using for several months, but trust me when I say your wallet will love it. This is especially true when it comes to that glorious Lucie jacket processed by tie-dye, which has an almost 5 star rating on the website. For starters, the tie-dye – which is so popular at the moment – is discreet, but gives the jacket a little more personality, especially in the shade of pink rose. Reviewers say the size is real and looks more expensive than it really is, even at full price. Best of all? You can get it for about $ 128 at the regular price of $ 178, so instead of paying the full cost or even the selling price of $ 99.95, it’s a price of $ 49.98 comparatively more economical.

Get the Lucie Sueded Tie-Dye Motorcycle Jacket for $ 49.98 (save $ 128.02)

2. Save over $ 90: these trendy strappy platform heels

You probably need these sandals, just for your information. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Be quiet, my heart in love with shoes. These Sam Edelman platforms immediately captured her and left me stunned – and they are also for sale. At the moment, you can buy these glamorous sandals, available in three different shades, for an almost obscenely low price of just $ 39.98. When you consider that these items were $ 130 and then set at $ 79.95, the deal is huge and means you save more than $ 90. They feature a block jump, which means that will be easier to walk than heels. One buyer describes them as “glorious”, while another says it is a cute sandal to have in the summer.

Get Sam Edelman Daffodil strappy heels for $ 39.98 (save $ 90.02)

3. Under $ 30: these stylish conical pants

The “Annie Hall” look is back and these pants prove it. (Photo: Anthropologie)

The look of Annie Hall – popularized by Diane Keaton in the 1970s, in which women wear pants, vests, buttons and other traditionally male attire – is coming back. Case in point? These top rated pants from Anthro. You can get them in four colors and they are still available in several sizes. Typically $ 110, these pants dropped to $ 59.95, but are now on sale – thanks to that extra 50% event – for $ 28.98, for an overall savings of $ 80.02. Reviewers say they are buttery, but warn that they are small, so be sure to rate.

Buy conical scout thin pleated pants for $ 29.98 (save $ 80.02)

5. More than half: this flowing kimono

Comfort and style, in a single layer. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Imagine the scene: you are on the couch just trying to relax and you have one of the most comfortable things you have ever bought. Made of soft polyester with an open front, this garment is soft to the touch, shows a tasteful yet attractive pattern and makes you feel like a goddess. What is it? It is this Tallie sleep kimono, which has an almost four star rating on the website. Although it usually sells for $ 98 and sells for $ 69.95, you can buy it for less than $ 50, so it is essentially a 50% discount. “I got this kimono to improve my game in the lounge and replace some bad layers,” said one critic. “It is beautiful and it makes me feel beautiful when using it!”

Purchase Tallie Sleep kimono for $ 34.97 (save $ 63.03)

6. Less than $ 40: this light and perfect button for the summer

Stay profesh without breaking a sweat. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Summer is generally not the best time to wear heavy things (read: shirts with buttons), but sometimes you need to. That is why it is essential to have at least one or two light-collared shirts in your closet at all times. If you don’t already have one, this cotton button in Grayson The Hero fabric by Anthro is a must. Available in five different shades – including a hot summer pink – this machine washable shirt is made of soft cotton and reviewers say it works just as well in casual hangouts as it does in the office. You can get it for $ 39.98 here, which is a tremendous reduction of $ 88 +, considering that it usually sells for $ 128 before the start of this fantastic economy event.

Get the Grayson The Hero fabric cotton button up shirt for $ 39.98 (save $ 88.02)

6. Save more than $ 80: a super chic blazer

The final touch on your working set. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Most of us will have to go back to the office eventually (sad, but true). However, the transition may be a little easier for you, if you also have some beautiful pieces for your work wardrobe, and that is where this sophisticated Amadi Kaye blazer comes in. Available in navy blue or salmon (another shade of blush, really), this piece is a hit with buyers, who say it is a little too big and looks good on a variety of frames. It usually costs $ 128, but dropped to $ 79.95 for sale. Thanks to that extra 30% savings, you can get it for just $ 39.98, to save just over $ 88.

Get the Amadi Kaye Blazer for $ 39.98 (save $ 88.02)

7. Less than $ 20: This versatile top with sleeves for home or office

Draw attention to your neck and shoulders in a good way. (Photo: Anthropologie)

Basics are underestimated, especially when it comes to tops. If you are in the market for a stylish, easy-to-wear shirt with excellent table capacity for dinner, the Justine hooded top is the right option. Available in six different colors (my favorite is ocher), this cotton tank shows wrinkled details on the neck. Being sleeveless, it also works well if you want to show off your shoulders and arms. Buyers of this popular choice – which costs $ 19.98 instead of the $ 39.95 sale price or $ 58.00 retail price – say the price is a little big; therefore, you may want to decrease the size, unless you are looking exaggerated.

Get the Justine Smocked Top for $ 19.98 (save $ 38.02)

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