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Thássia Naves, who is it? Biography, career, controversy and curiosities

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Thássia Naves, who is it? Biography, career, controversy and curiosities

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A priori, we are living in an era when the digital world is increasingly prominent. Consequently, the number of digital influencers is gradually increasing. Above all, among countless bloggers on the Web, digital influencer Thássia Naves certainly deserves attention.

Above all, Thasia is today one of the biggest digital influencers of the internet. So much so that she already collects millions of followers on her social networks, as Instagram and Youtube. And it is also considered one of the main figures when the subject is fashion.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that the full name of the blogger from Minas Gerais is Thássia Savastano Naves. Basically, she was born and lived all her life in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. In fact, Pisces was born on February 28, 1989. So she is 30 years old.

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At first, Thássia Naves comes from a traditional Uberlandian family. In addition, Thasia is the youngest of her two other brothers, Thaissa and José Neto. Especially since childhood, the mining company recognizes fashion and beauty matters like your favorites.

She also states that her biggest influencers on the subject were her grandparents. Especially because both were seamstresses all their lives.

Beginning of everything

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At first, Thássia Naves has a degree in Advertising since 2009. And it was precisely in college that she started thinking about setting up a personal blog. In fact, it was one of her teachers who encouraged her the idea that the university then entered the universe of the Internet.

Thus, in 2009, Thássia Naves created the “Blog of Thássia”. Basically, from the beginning, the blog was created to address fashion issues, beauty and lifestyle. In addition to sharing experiences and their opinions.

Above all, her blogging career began from the moment she decided to devote herself entirely to this virtual space, with daily posts and various subjects. Even his first blog post was about the high-low fashion.

After that, Thássia Naves started looking for better ways to engage. One of them was the publication of looks montages with pieces from stores in Uberlândia.

Divorced women are happier, according to scientific studies

 Thássia's Blog Results

Source: Stylezzo

Especially when Thássia started promoting on the internet, Instagram was not as used as it is today. Even so, the result of the disclosures was overwhelming. The brands advertised by the blogger began to sell much more.

It was thus, moreover, that more and more brands began to contact her. Therefore, influencer became popular and started to be called for fashion events in São Paulo and became part of columns and magazine covers.

The result of this, therefore, was billions of followers and openness to new advertising contacts. Including for the most famous clothing brands in Brazil.

Fur coat controversy

Luísa Mell's photo. Source: Focus TV

However, despite the too many bloggers and youtubers, there are not so many controversies surrounding the name of Thássia Naves. However, in January 2019, she was heavily criticized on her social networks for wearing a fox fur coat.

Even because of that, the animal activist and defender Luisa Mell criticized her a lot in her stories. Basically, Luisa showed strong images on her Instagram account about the aggressiveness and tragic situation of these animals.

Moreover, he made a point of emphasizing that situations like these still happen due to people like Thasia, who consume clothes derived from natural fur.

Awards and Achievements

Source: Baianolandia

As you may have already noticed, Thássia is a well-known woman in the world of fashion and glamor. It is also known internationally. So much so that she was already voted one of the most influential women in the world by the magazine “Glamor Spain” in 2016.

In addition to this title, she was also named by Vogue Japan in 2013 as the 5th blogger most influential in the world. In fact, she was also considered the leading fashion blogger in Latin America by the Spanish newspaper “El País” in 2014.

In fact, back in 2013, she even signed a collection of clothes for Riachuelo.

Book and documentary

Source: L'Officiel Magazine

At first, faced with such popularity, Thássia Naves decided to release her first book in 2014. Under the title “Look”, the book was basically an autobiography. In it, by the way, she describes details of her daily life, travel routines, style tips and fashion.

In addition to this book, she also released in 2017 a Youtube documentary called “Thássia.doc”. Above all, the short also covered his routine in fashion weeks. He even highlighted what clothes and styles the bloguer followed in her daily life, as well as her rush to follow the parades of the world's leading brands.

A princess day

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After telling the whole life and achievements of Thássia Naves, it's time to talk about how your marriage impacted the internet.

In fact, if you don't know (and we doubt that), she married on October 12, 2019, with agronomist Arthur Attie. His marriage even took place at the Crystal Palace in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais.

Despite so much luxury and flowers, what caught the attention of Internet users, was its wedding dress. According to gossip columnists, the play cost around £ 300,000. That is, around 1.5 million reais.

Even this dress was created by the London brand Ralph & Russo, which is well known internationally. By the way, this is one of the most expensive brands in the world.

The model of her dress, by the way, took more than 10 months to make. Basically, he had a massive skirt, puffed sleeves and an expressive tail.

Curiosities about Thasia

Source: Unique tag Her father nicknames her as "Crazy"
 She doesn't like your nose. Even she dies to do plastic. But there is no courage
 At first one of Thássia Naves's best friends is also called Thássia. What's more, his name is also spelled the same as that of influencer.
 Already done belly liposuction, about 10 years ago.
 Above all, your husband has been your best friend since childhood and adolescence.
 A priori, Thasia always had problems with the balance.
 Speaks fluent English.
 Addicted to Sorine.
 It is 1,68 tall.
 She was in love with Disney's Pocahontas character.
 She dreamed of being an agronomist because her family owned land.
 Is afraid of cats.
 She also follows blogs of other Brazilian women. For example, Camila Coutinho, Lala Rudge, Helena Bordon, Camila Coelho and others.
 At first, by the way, she was ashamed of her accent.
  Thássia Naves Transformations

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Source: Iza Soler

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Source: Iza Soler Top Looks by Thássia Naves

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Source: Unique tag

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Featured image: Jetss.com

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