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Study shows 80% increase in online supermarket purchases

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Study shows 80% increase in online supermarket purchases

The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) reported an 80% increase in supermarket purchases made online due to the coronavirus pandemic. In partnership with Compre & Confie, a company focused on e-commerce, ABComm published a report comparing sales made in February and March 2020 with those for the same two-month period last year.

In addition to supermarkets, there was an increase in online consumption in categories such as Health (111%) and Beauty and Perfumery (83%).

Other segments, more focused on technology, showed a drop in e-commerce consumption. They are: Cameras, Camcorders and Drones (-62%), Games (-37%), Electronics (-29%) and Automotive (-20%).

"There was a significant change in consumer behavior with the arrival of covid-19. Sectors that generally show good results had a significant drop, while others, of smaller size in e-commerce, gained prominence. The trend is for the scenario to continue this way. way, with consumers increasingly engaged in distance shopping and significantly moving the consumption of categories related to the basic needs of everyday life and the effort to prevent covid-19 ", stated the executive director of Compre & Confie, André Dias.

ABComm president Mauricio Salvador, on the other hand, warns of companies that have not yet joined digital retail.

"Companies that have not taken their business model to the Internet are now at a disadvantage, taking serious risks of survival, especially given the fact that we do not know how long this crisis will last," he said.


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