SAN FRANCISCO – If you lose sleep because Apple didn't include a native sleep monitoring app with Apple Watch Series 5 announced along with iPhone 11 on Tuesday?

It was rumored that this feature would reach the latest $ 399 watch (above). The fact that it is still missing has aroused critical voices on social media.

Sleep tracking was what would seal the deal, @remyperona tweeted.

Not sure if the clock was a real yawn for @Jasmin_Rahman, but it wasn't yet the update of his dreams:

And there was this @drewphilips_ tweet, reflecting on where this piece of money should really go:

What the new watch has is a compass and an "always-on" Retina welcome screen that Apple promoted on the web with a touch of perhaps unintentional irony: "This watch has a screen that never sleeps."

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The reality is that you can monitor your Zzzzs on Apple Watch through various third-party apps found on the App Store. Some are free and some charge a fee or premium features you must pay for. The list includes AutoSleep Tracker Watcher for Watch, Sleep Pulse, Sleep ++, Sleep Watch Cycle and Automatic Pillow Sleep Tracker.

But Apple doesn't offer the kind of sleep monitoring functionality Fitbit offers, for example, customers using its Verse 2 to the bed.

Why is Apple sleeping in the crawl?

The suggestion that Apple could add native sleep tracking to its show dates at least in 2017, when it bought Beddit, a Finnish producer of sleep tracking sensors that you put under the sheets.

Apple does not appear immediately and says why it has been sleeping on this feature ever since.

One consideration may be battery life, as the 18 hours of juice now present raise the question of when exactly one user would charge the thing. In reality, though, Apple Watch's relatively small battery means you can charge or charge it quickly.

Apple, which has been very focused on health – its Series 4 and Series 5 watches have a built-in ECG and can detect falls – they may also not be satisfied with the quality and accuracy of sleep tracking at this stage.

Meanwhile, some people just don't want to wear anything on their wrists when they call at night.

CLOSESleeping on the job? New Apple Watch, but still no sleep tracking

On Tuesday, Apple introduced its iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, as well as the latest Apple Watch Series 5.
Harrison Hill, USA TODAY

Eric Cohen, senior vice president of consumer business at Cambridge Consultants, says that "Apple knows that monitoring sleep, heart rate variability and stress are essential to understanding human function." But he adds that “the problem is that a lot of startups have arrived and gone, betting on our willingness to use strange devices in bed. Users do not like to use devices in their most sacred space, the bedroom, and there is evidence that many Apple Watch users remove the device at night, even if it is just to charge the battery. "

Cohen is confident that Apple could get the technology right. But he also believes that perhaps the future lies in "contactless" sleep monitoring, based on sensors that can detect physiological parameters such as heart rate and respiration.

"While the Apple Watch Series 5 may be missing out on great sleep tracking features," he says, "consumers will soon be wearing nothing."

So won't native sleep tracking affect if you buy the new Apple Watch? Email:; Follow @edbaig on twitter.

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