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Send Easter messages via WhatsApp and fill the quarantine with love

by ace
Send Easter messages via WhatsApp and fill the quarantine with love

This Sunday several people in the world celebrate Easter. For them, it is a time to celebrate the love and unity between family and dear friends. Because of the new coronavirus, many will not be able to attend the traditional Easter lunch. But technology can help you feel closer to the one you love.

There is a diversity of applications that facilitate the creation of messages to warm the heart of the recipient. They can be sent via WhatsApp, shared on Instagram, Facebook and any platform you want.

NOTE: The programs listed below have grades above 4 on their download platforms.


Beautiful and ready messages: with 37,632 reviews to date in the Google app store, the platform offers 90 themes for your messages (such as friendship, love, among others) and more than 7,000 ready-made phrases. Choose one, copy and paste.

Sharing is done easily by WhatsApp. But it can also be sent via Facebook Messenger and other programs. The app provides a history of all the phrases used previously. So it’s easy to keep track of what you’ve already sent.

Mobile Ready Messages: is another very popular platform on Google Play, with more than 136 thousand comments from internet users. It has 79 categories of phrases that you can direct to family, friends, boyfriend (a) and even to crush.

The application allows editing before sending the message. You can change the background and font size, for example.

Images with phrases for Status and Share: the name is very suggestive, isn't it? The application has 37,245 reviews, and offers images and phrases ready for you to send to anyone you want. The program also works with content of love, friendship, motivation, biblical and other options.


Love Messages for WhatsApp: the application is more geared towards romantic phrases. But it can help a lot in building the messages you want to send to your family. According to the app, there are 3,200 phrases that can be easily shared via WhatsApp and SMS.

The contents are even entitled to drawings created with the characters (heart type, pets, faces).

Ready Status: there are more than 180 categories of messages for you to share on your WhatsApp status. How about making a public tribute to those you love so much? You can edit the font, color, background, style.

Just create your own and select the sharing option that follows. In addition to Status, the app also allows sending messages via Facebook.



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