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Scientists can manipulate brain cells with smartphones

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Scientists can manipulate brain cells with smartphones.

The system created by researchers from South Korea and the US has allowed the release of specific amounts of light and medicine in rodent cells.

Today you can do anything with a smartphone: order food, get a ride, pay bills, and even find a boyfriend.

Now a new study by Korean and North American scientists has shown that soon we may be able to control brain cells with our cell phones.

Technology may serve in the future to unravel cures for neurological and cognitive problems such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It consists of a system capable of controlling neuronal cells from a small brain implant, connected by Bluetooth (personal wireless network) to a smartphone.

In the research, the cell phone was able to release drugs and expose the cells to a certain amount of light to modify their activities. Early tests on mice involved a probe as thin as a hair, which allowed rodent brain implants to be controlled at specific levels of drugs.

Smartphone use can cause body changes; research says The work lasted three years and was attended not only by neuroscientists but also engineers and designers. Researchers believe the technology is perfect for pharmacological studies that can develop therapeutic remedies for pain, addiction, and emotional problems.

“This revolutionary device is the result of advanced electronic design and micro and nano-scale engineering,” said Jae-Woong Jeong, professor of engineering at KAIST University in South Korea. “We are interested in further developing this technology to make brain implants in clinical applications ”.


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