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Russia counters Holland’s denunciation for downed plane: ‘New coup’

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Dutch government announced that it will take Russians to court for the country’s’ role ‘in bringing down Malaysia Airlines’ aircraft, in 2014 Russia classifies Holland’s complaint as a’ blow ‘for a downed plane

10/07/2020 – 18h20 (Updated 10/07/2020 – 18h20)

The Russian government classified on Friday (10) as “a new blow” in relations with the Netherlands the announcement of the complaint that will be presented to the European Court of Human Rights for the “role” of Russia in the downing of the plane that carried out the flight MH17 and fell in eastern Ukraine in 2014.

“We received the decision from The Hague to go to the European Court of Human Rights for the Malaysian Boeing catastrophe as a new blow to Russian-Dutch relations,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the Netherlands announced that it will take Russia to a court based in Strasbourg, France, for the country’s “role” in bringing down the Malaysia Airlines plane on July 17, 2014, resulting in the death of 298 people, most of them Dutch.

For Moscow, which has always denied involvement in the event, the step taken by the Netherlands will only “politicize the case and make the search for the truth more difficult”.

“From the beginning, The Hague took the path of unilaterally framing Russia in the MH17 accident,” said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

According to the ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakhrova, the court has not yet notified Russia of the Dutch decision.

The Russian Ministry of Justice also categorically rejected the country’s involvement in the air tragedy that occurred six years ago in territory “outside Russian jurisdiction”.

According to the folder, before admitting the complaint, the European court should discuss it with both parties involved, a process that can take “several years”.

“Russia will consistently defend its interests in international courts,” said the ministry.

On March 9, the Schiphol high security court in Amsterdam opened a case against four suspects – Russians Sergey Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Igor Girkin, and Ukrainian Leonid Chartshenko – accused of murder for alleged involvement in the transportation of the system of missiles that fired at the plane.

With the exception of Pulatov, who left his defense to a team of Dutch lawyers, the other three suspects are being tried in absentia and do not recognize this lawsuit.

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Moscow has always denied involvement in the plane crash and does not support the trial initiated by the Dutch legal system or the outcome of the investigations.

Flight MH17, between Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur, was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired from an area controlled by pro-Russian separatist militias. The investigation team concluded that it was a Russian-made Buk missile and that it was moved from Russian territory to eastern Ukraine days before the tragedy.

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