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Right-wing 'Macho' Camacho runs for presidency in Bolivia

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Right-wing 'Macho' Camacho runs for presidency in Bolivia

Opposition leader resigned as chair of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, which has racist and anti-indigenous speech, on Friday (29)

Opposition leader in Bolivia, ultra-rightist Luis Fernando Camacho has announced that he will run for presidential elections. The announcement was made by Twitter, where he posted a photo of the resignation letter from the chairman of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee.

“To preside over this institution is a lifelong dream (…), but I have to abandon it for another dream, another strong yearning: to be president of the Republic of Bolivia and to be able to serve with all my strength to see my own. prosperous, united and free country, ”he said.

The Pro Santa Cruz Committee is a civic organization with racist and anti-indigenous speech. “Male” Camacho, as he is known, is famous for giving racist and religiously based statements.

Camacho organized opposition protests against Evo Morales, who resigned after his reelection was not recognized by the opposition and sparked popular protests by Bolivia. Camacho traveled to La Paz with a Bible and a letter of resignation for Evo to sign, but was unsuccessful in the endeavor.

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