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Renata Lo Prete, presenter of ‘The Subject’, discusses the importance of …

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The presenter of the G1 podcast “O Subject”, Renata Lo Prete, participates in the Campus Party this Saturday (11) to discuss the importance that this format has gained in the last year, and also to talk about the changes in journalism in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The panel discussion is called “The world has changed, so has journalism”.

  • Campus Party has free online global edition

Renata is also an anchor for Jornal da Globo and GloboNews Painel. The debate at Campus Party is part of the Arena Podcast stage, and will start at 2 pm, in the Brasília edition of the event.

It will be possible follow through the event website, in addition to streaming on YouTube.

The presenter will be accompanied by Rodrigo Alves, Globo sports commentator and author of the podcast ‘Vida de Jornalista’. PH Santos, podcast coordinator of Grupo O Povo de Comunicação, and Luciano Potter, journalist from Gaúcha ZH and communicator of the RBS group will also be present. The conversation will be mediated by Andreh Jonathas, a member of the Brazilian Podcasting Association.

Global and Online Campus Party

The Campus Party global and online edition features more than 5,000 simultaneous lectures in 31 countries. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the event organizers decided to carry out all activities in a virtual way this year.

It is possible to watch debates in other countries, but they will be broadcast in the local language. Organizers expect around 10 million participants.

This choice allowed the 2020 edition to be completely free. Activities can be followed on YouTube and the event website. In Brazil, Campus Party will start from three places: Brasilia, Amazon and Goias, with thematic “stages” and speakers.

During the three days of activities, campers will be able to make donations to Doctors Without Borders (MSF), partners of this edition. MSF is on the front lines against COVID-19 in four states in Brazil and in more than 70 countries.

A podcast is like a radio show, but it is not: instead of having a certain time to air, it can be heard whenever and wherever we want. And instead of tuning in to a radio station, we find it on the internet. For free.

You can listen on a website, on a music platform or in a podcast-only app on your cell phone, to listen when we prefer: in traffic, washing dishes, on the beach, at the gym …

Podcasts can be thematic, tell a unique story, bring debates or simply conversations on the most diverse subjects. You can listen to separate episodes or subscribe to a podcast – for free – and thus be notified whenever a new episode is published.


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