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PT says WhatsApp suspended party message distribution accounts …

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The Workers’ Party (PT) said that 10 WhatsApp message distribution accounts that made up the so-called “PT Zap” have been dropped since the 25th, without explanation. According to the legend, the accounts were used to distribute news and content to members.

PT’s national president, Gleisi Hoffmann, said she demanded a justification from Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, last Monday (6). The party advisory said on Wednesday (9) that the company has not yet responded to the request.

Asked by G1 if PT channels were overthrown, WhatsApp responded that several accounts were banned for “massive shots”, without mentioning which, how many and to whom they belonged, and that it does not comment on specific cases. But who knows that among those accounts there was one linked to the party because the PT appealed the decision.

The party says it learned that the channels were suspended via a standard email after the block, where WhatsApp said there were “complaints”.

In a statement, WhatsApp said its products “were not designed to send mass or automated messages, which violate our terms of service”. And that “through our advanced machine learning systems we are able to detect these practices”.

“We constantly ban accounts for abusive behavior: every month, more than 2 million accounts are banned globally. We are committed to reinforcing the private nature of the service and keeping users safe from abuse. We will continue to ban accounts used to send mass messages or automated and we will further evaluate our legal options against companies offering these services, as we have done in the past in Brazil “, concludes WhatsApp.

The PT said that only those who voluntarily registered to receive official information from the party and its leaders only received the messages: “The ‘PT Zap’ does not spam, does not broadcast fakenews or makes mass shots”.

The party is considering legal measures to reverse the decision or obtain an explanation. And it created a new “official PT information service next to the Telegram application”.

Facebook drops PSL accounts

Last Wednesday (9), Facebook announced the overthrow of a network of accounts related to the PSL and offices of the Bolsonaro family. According to the company, these accounts were involved in creating false profiles and “inauthentic behavior” – when a group of pages and people act together to deceive other users about who they are and what they are doing.


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