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Pied-de-poule: Crowfoot chess conquers famous

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Pied-de-poule: Crowfoot chess conquers famous

O chess It's a classic that's in full force. And one of its variations has been a constant presence in the looks of famous and fashionistas: the pied-de-poule (crow's foot) and pied-de-coq (rooster's foot).

They came to the women's wardrobe thanks to Coco Chanel and their designs resemble the footprints of the birds. The difference between them is that pied-de-coq is larger than pied-de-poule.

Chess gives the look a sophisticated look, even if the accessories are more sporty, as shown Marina Ruy BarbosaGloria Maria, Giovanna Lancellotti and Agatha Moreira. It is available in both black and white and other color variations, including red and caramel. Get inspired:

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Marina Ruy Barbosa checked out Tommy Hilfiger's fashion show at New York Fashion Week with a pied-de-poule print look. The long coat doubles as a dress and has a slit and gray belt for waist.

# ficadica1: Are you afraid of making a mistake in the size of the crack? A safe bet is a feature that does not go beyond the middle of the thigh. If you want something bolder, wear the piece and make different moves in front of the mirror, such as sitting and crossing your legs. So make sure you don't show off what you don't want, like your panties.

Marina also wore Gucci oversized waistcoat with this type of plaid. The elongated, loose tweed piece had a few buttons open, revealing denim shorts and a white blouse underneath.

# ficadica2: The oversized waistcoat can also be worn open with a softer look underneath, ensuring silhouette balance.

Gloria Maria

Gloria Maria bet on the classic pattern, in black and white, with a V-neck dress and long sleeves.

# ficadica3: The combination of black and white, a classic introduced by Chanel, is always a good choice as it leaves the look elegant and sophisticated.

Giovanna Lancellotti

Pied-de-coq plaid and jeans blend in Giovanna Lancellotti's Balmain look.

# ficadica4: Mixing styles is a trend. In this case, there is the classic air of chess and the stripped of jeans.

Agatha Moreira

In the soap opera “Dona do Pedaço”, the character Josiane (Agatha Moreira) Exhibited set chess Pied-de-poule type. The pieces in full-bodied material, which combined with basic white blouse, are from Amaro. The skirt with front button closure costs R $ 189,90 and the elongated blazer R $ 329,90. In total, R $ 519.80.

# ficadica5: Using an open third piece, such as a jacket or blazer, helps you stretch because of the vertical lines you create.

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