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Number of coronavirus cases in Paraguay reaches 41

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Number of coronavirus cases in Paraguay reaches 41

Government acknowledged that number may be below reality, as the health system's capacity to process exams is limited

                Number of coronavirus cases in Paraguay reaches 41

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Paraguay increased on Wednesday (25) to 41, four more than yesterday, and the number of people hospitalized due to the disease doubled to four, reported the country's Minister of Health, Julio Mazzoleni.

The number of deaths due to the disease transmitted by the new coronavirus did not change in relation to the previous day, remaining at three.

Mazzoleni said on Twitter that 51 samples were analyzed between Tuesday and today, four of which tested positive for Covid-19, three from people who were recently out of the country and one from someone who had contact with someone who went to outside.

"We have four patients in the hospital, the others (are) in their homes, isolated," he wrote on the social network.

The minister acknowledged yesterday that the number of cases may be below reality, as the capacity of the health system to process the tests is limited.

"From the moment we raised the possibility of community circulation (of the virus), confirmed a few days ago, what we are saying is that we have many cases that are not diagnosed," he explained.

For this reason, and taking into account the risk of a depletion of the public health system, the authorities are working on the installation of 1,600 hospital beds, most of them in barracks of the Armed Forces.


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