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Noise from the sky: supposed sound intrigues internet users and generates theories on the web

by ace
Noise from the sky: supposed sound intrigues internet users and generates theories on the web

If you've opened up social media in the past few days, you must have come across a lot of people talking about such a "noise from the sky". On Twitter, the term reached the top spot in trending topics and became the most talked about subject on networks among Brazilians. But what the hell was that?

The subject mentions some alleged videos of people saying they heard strange noises in the sky. The sound, in this case, would look like airplanes or construction noise without, however, having any indication of both.

First of all, it's good to note: you can't guarantee any authenticity of any of the videos cited by Internet users. Likewise, it is almost impossible to find the primary sources of the alleged videos to understand where this started. For this reason, you can already begin to see this whole story with a backward footing.

Fake news?

Listened to by Tilt, the physicist at USP (University of São Paulo) Paulo Artaxo soon stated that these noises are meaningless and would be "fake news of those who are stuck at home and want to do something".

Supposed explanations for the noise circulating online would involve natural noises from the Earth, such as gas movements. Even quarantine, with less pollutants in the air, would have helped those noises. None of this convinces Artaxo, however.

"It makes absolutely no sense, there are no natural noises from the Earth. Less pollutants due to quarantine have nothing to do with it because the reduction in air pollution levels changes a lot, but very slightly the composition of the air and only in urban areas. This is the invention of those who have nothing to do ", he points out.

In fact, this would not be an original fake news. In 2012, several videos of alleged noises from the sky were posted on YouTube and even gained relevance. All, however, had been posted on at least the channel, which edited images with a trumpet sound taken from a film. It is most likely in the Brazilian case, too, for Artaxo.

Other theories suggest another collective delusion, which may work well in the Brazilian case. It works like this: a person says that he heard a noise and then several people come to believe that he heard that noise. The more people claim to have heard, the more people will start to replicate the information.

Then even everyday noises would enter popular paranoia – it makes even more sense because many are saying "now I heard it, it looks like a truck or plane". Well, it could be a truck or plane.

Anyway, this noise, at first, seems to be more exacerbated boredom of Brazilians with confinement.


However, there are those who defend the possibility that "noises from the sky" are something real. In a quick online search, you can see supposed reports of the type that have been occurring for decades in various locations around the world.

And then there comes an expression called "skyquake", even though it is not something scientifically spiked – as theory as "UFOs", ok? It is complicated, however, to distinguish the real phenomenon from the numerous false news on the subject.

Skyquakes would be more common in coastal areas and would have origins either human (like supersonic airplanes) or scientific (meteorites exploding in the atmosphere or gases moving under the Earth through small air passages).

There are even studies about a noise called "Hmm"that people in various parts of the world say they hear. Among the possibilities of what this could be are collective delirium (even mass, which is not uncommon in humanity) or low frequency sounds produced in large cities – and that may have exacerbated now that humanity is more "quiet".

Ah, the internet

Of course, the whole story became much more of a joke than reality on the internet – and that's why it came to the most talked about subjects. Below, you can check some of the tweets from internet users about what this supposed noise would be:

Some say they hear something about football

Second day in a row the world listens #barulhodoceu . It's scary … See? pic.twitter.com/ABeX7nNRU5

– Stack (@ rubens_007) April 5, 2020

Others will already enjoy a surprise party with ETs

Waiting for my surprise party in April ..

The surprise that comes in April:#barulhodoceu pic.twitter.com/IC06j3FGKR

– Carlos Padilha (@CarllosPadilha) April 5, 2020

Signs, strong signs

I couldn't help noticing the amount of tweets
Is it a sign? Kkkkkkk #barulhodoceu pic.twitter.com/EsnBk1tyfV

– leti (@lehreginaa) April 5, 2020

There are more scary noises, okay?

#barulhodoceu I didn't hear it, but it's every scary snore here at home pic.twitter.com/Fj7ALRrbPP

– it's in shokkkk (@q_andim) April 5, 2020

Everyone's big question

Curiosity to hear the noise, but afraid to open the videos and be the whimpering#barulhodoceupic.twitter.com/ dIbeHGz2rv

– æ (@ ac4_bp) April 5, 2020

Typo in the apocalypse?

will it be that they missed that 2012 movie and in fact it is 2021 and all we’re living in now is just a spoiler of what will happen #barulhodoceu pic.twitter.com/Ktn7ZNNj4y

– levis and tennis (@ptkmendell) April 5, 2020

The guys have already prepared

All up to date with the 2020 calendar?

@ Dyl @ n $ chubert: #barulhodoceu #JesusIsComing #MayIsComing pic.twitter.com/FQgbu5xPhz. Via Twitter Trends for android.

– E. O Morfik (@Morstofrakes) April 5, 2020



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