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Netflix Party lets friends have movie nights while social distancing. Here’s how…

by ace
Netflix Party lets friends have movie nights while social distancing. Here's how...

Quarantine and cold?

Just because you are social distance in reply to coronavirus it doesn't mean that you and your friends have to give up movie nights or TV parties.

Thanks to a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, groups of friends can virtually get together and watch their favorite Netflix titles on their computers at the same time. The extension also comes with a chat room, so you can share your reactions to the programs while watching.

To participate, all you need is a Google Chrome browser, the extension and a Netflix subscription. Here's how it works:

1. Go to netflixparty.com in the Google Chrome browser and click on "Get Netflix Party for free!" This will redirect you to the Netflix Party page on the Chrome Web Store.

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2. Click "Add to Chrome" and click "Add extension" in the pop-up window. Netflix Party will be added to the top right corner of your Google Chrome browser, next to the address bar. It will have the initials "NP".

3. Make sure your friends have also downloaded "NP" on Google Chrome browsers.

4. Using the Google Chrome browser, go to Netflix.com and play the show or movie that everyone wants to watch.

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5. Then click on the "NP" button on your browser. You will also have the option to take the responsibility to pause, fast forward and rewind by checking the "Only I have control" box. Otherwise, anyone in your group can use these resources.

6. Click "Start the party" and copy the URL that appears. Send this URL to the people you want to join your party.

7. After your friends open the link, they must sign in to Netflix and click the "NP" button on Google Chrome browsers.

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8. You should now be in sync! Enjoy your program. You can also communicate via group chat on the right side of the screen. Choose a festive user icon and screen name and share all of your compulsion-watching sensations through messages, screenshots, emojis and GIFs.

Now, make the most of your coronavirus quarantine.

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