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Mossad agent tells how 'war' is hidden by respirators

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Mossad agent tells how 'war' is hidden by respirators

Israeli secret service man told backstage about the dispute between the various countries to buy medical supplies in the war against the coronavirus

Countries around the world are using their intelligence services in the battle that transformed the purchase of medical supplies, especially artificial respirators, to tackle the new coronavirus pandemic, explained a Mossad agent, Israel's secret service, in charge of purchasing equipment.

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"We are using all of our special connections to face this battle and probably do what everyone else is doing: getting shipments ordered by others," admitted an agent identified with the letter "het" (from the Yiddish alphabet) in the program investigative Uvda, Israel's Channel 12.

More equipment, more problems

The spy agency managed to secure an order for three shipments of equipment to the country, including 27 respirators for ICUs, and expects 160 more to arrive later this week.

"I have supervised many operations in my life, but I have never coordinated one so complex," said the intelligence officer, who detailed some of the frustrations he encountered along the way.

A plane with sanitary supplies that Israel had acquired in another country was not allowed to take off, and as a result, the country missed the entire purchase. On another occasion, trucks arrived at the door of a factory to collect equipment purchased by the Mossad in a European country, only to discover at that time that other people had already taken all the cargo just before.

The Mossad, which reports to the prime minister's office, has been tasked by Israel with obtaining, in other countries, equipment such as masks, gloves, coronavirus tests, medicine and, above all, the precious respirators, essential to save dozens of lives in the current situation.

Race for equipment

Het says that prices have quadrupled and that almost all countries have rushed to buy these materials, given the scarcity caused by the high number of infected, about 1 million worldwide.

To date, Israel has more than 5,500 people infected and 21 deaths recorded. The country has about 1,500 respirators, according to a report by the parliamentary commission for the coronavirus.

In the coming days, Mossad may close the purchase of 1.5 million masks, 2 million pairs of gloves, protective material and 180 new respirators, the agent said. The goal that was set for the intelligence service is to reach a total of 7 thousand artificial respirators.

In purchasing operations, the investigative program revealed that Mossad receives more than 2,000 leads a day, some of them false and others in which other countries end up arriving earlier and closing the purchase.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has asked the governments of the G20 countries to increase the production of medical equipment to combat the covid-19 pandemic, given the scarcity of protective material for health workers.


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