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Moraes expands fine and summons Facebook president in Brazil for not fulfilling …

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In the order obtained by TV Globo, Moraes states that the order to prevent access to the accounts has been breached for eight days and that, therefore, there is an accumulated fine of R $ 1.92 million. As of this Friday, the fine will be R $ 1.2 million per day – R $ 100 thousand for each of the 12 accounts to be barred.

Moraes, rapporteur at the STF of an inquiry into the spread of fake news and offenses to authorities, also determined the personal summons from the Facebook president in Brazil – identified in the document as Conrado Leister.

Earlier in the afternoon, Facebook had already said in a note that it would appeal against Moraes’ decision on international account blocking. In the statement, the social network did not say whether, in the meantime, would comply with the determination. G1 made new contact with the company and awaits positioning.

>> Check below the case timeline

“We respect the laws of the countries in which we operate. We are appealing to the STF against the decision to block global accounts, considering that Brazilian law recognizes limits to its jurisdiction and the legitimacy of other jurisdictions,” said Facebook before Moraes’ new decision. .

Twitter said on Thursday that it will also appeal against Moraes’ decision to expand the blocking of accounts. Meanwhile, the social network fulfills the determination.

Moraes has also blocked profiles of scholarship holders on social networks abroad

What the new decision says

In this Friday’s decision, Moraes states that the only “partial” suspension of accounts and profiles characterizes non-compliance with the court order.

This is because, according to the minister, the blockade made so far allows the contents to still be viewed in Brazil, “including the use of subterfuge allowed by the social network Facebook”.

The text does not explain what these subterfuges are, but Moraes says that they allow “full maintenance of the dissemination and access of criminal messages throughout the national territory, perpetuating true immunity for the maintenance of the dissemination of criminal offenses already perpetrated.”

“The suspension – repeat, in relation to past events – must be total and absolute, constituting non-compliance with the permission given by the provider involved for the continued disclosure of blocked accounts in Brazil, from accesses in other countries”, says the text.

“In other words, the blocking of disclosure abroad was never determined, but the effective blocking of accounts and the disclosure of their illicit messages in the national territory, regardless of the place of origin of the post.”

The minister completes this explanation by saying that the “willful noncompliance” (intentional) of the judicial order indicates the “agreement with the continuation of the commission of the crimes under investigation”.

On the last 24, Twitter and Facebook fulfilled a first determination by Alexandre de Moraes and removed accounts from 16 supporters and allies of Jair Bolsonaro. They are people cited in the STF investigation, allegedly related to the spread of false news and threats against authorities.

In May, the group had already been the target of a search and seizure authorized by the minister, as a result of the investigation. Moraes even asked for the blocking of accounts at that time, but social networks said that the request was “generic” and did not accurately indicate which accounts should be dropped.

Even in the last week, when the blockade was implemented, some of those mentioned in the survey started using alternative accounts to post on social networks.

In addition, there are investigators who have changed the location settings of profiles for other countries – a way to circumvent the block and continue publishing on the networks.

The targets of the investigation and the blocking of accounts are:

  • Roberto Jefferson, former deputy and national president of PTB
  • Luciano Hang, businessman
  • Edgard Corona, entrepreneur
  • Otávio Fakhoury, businessman
  • Edson Salomão, advisor to the São Paulo state deputy Douglas Garcia
  • Rodrigo Barbosa Ribeiro, advisor to the São Paulo state deputy Douglas Garcia
  • Bernardo Küster, blogger
  • Allan dos Santos, blogger
  • Winston Rodrigues Lima, reserve military
  • Reynaldo Bianchi Júnior, humorist
  • Enzo Leonardo Momenti, youtuber
  • Marcos Dominguez Bellizia, spokesman for the Nas Ruas movement
  • Sara Giromini
  • Eduardo Fabris Portella
  • Marcelo Stachin
  • Rafael Moreno
  • May 27: Federal Police carry out search and seizure warrants authorized by Moraes against Jair Bolsonaro’s allies cited in the fake news inquiry. Minister asks for blocking accounts on social networks;
  • June 24: almost a month later, and after Moraes reinforces the request, Twitter and Facebook remove the accounts from the air. Lawyers for those cited say they intend to appeal the blockade;
  • June 24: on the same day, investigators start using alternative accounts to circumvent the block and continue posting;
  • June 30: Moraes extends the scope of the decision, by stating that the blocking carried out by Twitter and Facebook was “partial” and did not prevent Brazilians from accessing the content of the accounts. Twitter fulfills new determination, but says it will appeal.
  • June 31: Facebook says in a note that it will appeal the STF decision, but does not say whether it will fulfill the new scope of the blocks in the meantime.
  • June 31: hours after the Facebook announcement, Moraes expands the fine and summons the president of the social network in Brazil to comply with the amount determined up to that moment.



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