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Microsoft introduces new tools for Edge

by ace
Microsoft introduces new tools for Edge

Microsoft today introduced many new features for its applications, and the Edge browser has not been forgotten, receiving some news.

Some of the features are simple and straightforward, but others that have been introduced will be a surprise to many users. One of the examples are the vertical guides, something that other browsers have tried to do, but without the expected success, being called as resources for advanced users. In the case of Microsoft this will not be so, but there is still no way to test them, being only released in the coming months.

A function that will also arrive in the coming months is Smart Copy, a function that allows, for example, the copy of a table without losing the formatting we want to use when we paste it in a document.

There will be a new password manager with features already found in other browsers or extensions like the Google Password Checker. The new password manager will constantly check the credentials to confirm that they have not been stolen. In addition to the notification, the plugin will take the user directly to the website of the respective service to change the password.

The function that Microsoft most wants to develop is Collections, where it will be possible to bookmark various websites, images and even parts of text. This resource is useful when, for example, we are planning a trip, organizing a dinner or searching any content online. The user will be able to create several collections with the marked contents, something similar to the current favorites, but in a more complete way.


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