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Macron stuns Brussels with break-away plot as EU rows intensify under pandemic…

by ace
Macron stuns Brussels with break-away plot as EU rows intensify under pandemic...

Emmanuel Macron could lead a separatist group of Member States if the EU refuses to bow to its demands for coronavirus pandemic, according to an EU expert. The French president was frustrated with the northern EU member states, particularly in the Netherlands, for refusing to compromise the financial demands of Italy, Spain and France. European law professor Francesco Rizzuto told RT that he could see the EU "fracturing into two or three" different blocks when the pandemic ends.

The RT host added, "But what about countries that follow what Britain has just done and left the EU?"

The EU expert said: "It is possible. We are in the field of speculation. I think they can find a last-minute solution to this, but what matters is what comes next.

"Italians are completely fed up with the European Union. Not only because of the closing of borders, like the Spanish, but now the EU does not even seem to want to help them with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

"The Italian government does not want the EU to write off Italy's past debts, and that is what is really irritating in Italy.

The professor added: "They want real ties to the use of this mechanism, while the French, Italians and Spaniards said no, the only condition must be its use for health purposes".

This is when George Galloway said the EU was proving to be "worse than useless" after negotiations on how to help countries in the southern Eurozone affected by the pandemic were interrupted after 16 hours of discussions.

He accused the leadership in Brussels of leaving Member States like Italy and Spain to "rot" under the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic exposed huge divisions in Europe, where Italy and Spain accused the northern nations – led by Germany and the Netherlands – of not doing enough to help.

The European Commission's first vice president, Frans Timmermans, criticized the Dutch response, warning that "the EU as we know it will not survive this" if the division continues.


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