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Learn why you appear online in Facebook chat even without a connection

by ace

Have you noticed that your profile sometimes appears online in your chat? Facebook even if you're not signed in? Yeah. There is an explanation for this and that is what we will talk about now.

One of the possible reasons why the social network keep showing your online status is that you may have started other sessions in different places and forgotten to sign out. You may have left your profile on cell phonebut did not do the same on your home computer.

To check if there are any active sessions with your profile, go to Facebook settings and go to the "Security and Login" area.

The screen will bring up information (the day the connection occurred, by which device, city, and country) from all devices (computer, mobile, tablet) that your account was used on.

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Notice everything that appears and decide between:

  • keep the connections.
  • exit some (go to the three dots that appear in the corner of the screen and select "Exit");
  • quit all at once (with the "quit all sessions" button).

In the latter option, the online chat status no longer appears at all.

NOTE: If you happen to notice that any of the sessions were not made by you, it is a sign that someone is misusing your profile. In this case, change your password immediately.

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