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Kim Jong-un shock – North Korean leader BACK FROM THE DEAD

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The North Korean leader died after disappearing on May 1. Reports have spread about whether the leader had died from a damaged heart operation. Although Kim has made some public appearances since then, his fleeing acts have led to fears in the country about the health of his leaders.

Kim Jong-un’s last appearance was today when he visited the Sun Palace Kumsusan.

The leader was greeting his grandfather and founding ruler of North Korea, Kim Il-sung, on the anniversary of his death.

Despite dying in 1994, Kim Il-sung is considered the “eternal president” of the country.

No North Korean leader has ever lost the memorial.

Kim was flanked by high-ranking North Korean officials while paying homage to his grandfather.

State media reported that top officials Choe Ryong Hae, Pak Pong Ju, Kim Jae Ryong and others walked with Kim when he approached a statue of Kim Il-sung.

But foreign experts are suspicious of the new photos, as Kim recently ordered North Koreans to wear masks in public.

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Japan’s Defense Minister Taro Kono said Japan had “suspicions” about Kim’s health.

At a news conference last month, the minister said that the movements of countries around Kim’s appearances were “all very strange”.

He told reporters, “We have some suspicions about your [Kim Jong-un’s] Cheers.”

Taro said the “very strange movements” in North Korea are due to Kim “trying not to get infected” with coronavirus, as the “virus is spreading” across the country.

The rumors of Kim Jong-un’s death started when he missed his grandfather’s birthday celebration on April 15 and was last seen on April 11.

On May 1, he reappeared with his sister Kim Yo-jong to open a fertilizer factory.

The leader has done most of the addresses through letters, according to state media.

Rumors persist about Kim’s health, as agencies like KCNA have not recently portrayed him in public.

Kim disappeared before, disappearing for three weeks in February.

In 2014, Kim disappeared for 40 days, resurfacing with a cane and speculation that the leader was fighting gout.


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