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Iran fury: How Ayatollah dubbed UK ‘source of misery’ in violent rant

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Iran fury: How Ayatollah dubbed UK 'source of misery' in violent rant

I ranKhamenei's leader made the blunt comment in 2016 in an aggressive response to then Prime Minister Theresa May, who had criticized Tehran's threatening rhetoric. May called on Arab Gulf states to work with the West to "back down from Iran's aggressive regional actions, whether in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Syria or in the Gulf itself" in December 2016.

May added that he was "keeping a clear eye on Iran's threat to the Gulf and the Middle East."

The following week, Khamenei aimed at Downing Street, saying that "shamelessly, the British have recently called Iran a threat to the region, but everyone knows it is the British who have always been the source of threats, corruption and misery."

He also stated: "The old British policy of" divide and conquer "is seriously on the agenda of the enemies of Islam."

Khamenei also struck the United Kingdom in 2009, claiming that Western countries were "hungry wolves ambushing us and removing diplomatic cover from their faces."

He added: "The excellent diplomats of some Western countries who have talked to us with diplomatic courtesy so far in recent days have taken the farce off their faces and are showing their true image.

"They are demonstrating their true enmity towards the Iranian Islamic state and the worst of them is the British government."

The mention of Britain sparked "Marg bar Ingles" chants from the government followers watching the speech.


As Boris Johnson stated, "You don't threaten nuclear war." with Iran

But that angered some in the country and resulted in protesters robbing the embassy, ​​looting offices and stealing documents.

A small building was set on fire during the incident and several people were injured. The Iranian government has publicly condemned the violence.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called for troops to withdraw after the recent US and Iranian violations, and also suggested this morning that the abandoned nuclear deal be replaced by a new deal.

He told the BBC Breakfast this morning, "If we get rid of it, we need a replacement. We will replace it with the Trump agreement."


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