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iPhone: Which models receive the new iOS 14?

by ace
iPhone: Which models receive the new iOS 14?

In recent weeks, Apple presented the new iOS 14 during its WWDC event, where it showed several new features for the new version of the operating system.

In terms of news, Apple worked to make the iOS 14 homepage more organized, giving it several new organization options and also a new way to customize the equipment, through the arrival of widgets that can be placed in various parts the menu.

In addition to the new features of organization and customization (among many other additions), Apple again maintained the system’s compatibility with older equipment, thus increasing the iPhone’s “life”.

The new iOS 14 will be compatible with several iPhone models, starting with the 6S / 6S Plus version, launched in 2015. All models after this one will be able to access the new operating system. Below we leave the list of iPhones that will receive iOS 14.

We also leave the link so you can see all the news that came with iOS 14.

WWDC 2020: iOS 14 is official and comes with lots of news

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