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Instagram is preparing to improve its IGTV platform

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Instagram is preparing to improve its IGTV platform

Instagram is updating its entire IGTV platform, hoping to provide better content to users of the social network, and to draw the attention of content creators to the production of longer videos.

According to The Verge, Instagram redesigned the entire IGTV homepage to present a content creator at the top, adapting the choice to each user based on what they follow or what they might have interesting.

The application also gains in this way a new “Explore” tab to display IGTV content, new and relevant, as well as a live recording mode.

In the "Explore" tab we can find the one that will be the most interesting change, where for now only videos of people we follow or who are marked as "popular" appear. The application is simple and requires people to access it for the content to start.

Another small update will give content creators the ability to share IGTV videos in the stories, with it playing for 15 seconds instead of the current frozen square, which can help users click on video to view it complete.

All of these updates can give users and content creators a new way to watch videos within the platform, in addition to making it easier to discover more content in the new “Explore” area.

Instagram believes that IGTV is the “future of video”, and seeks to ensure that people are able to easily find all of this content, as well as the return of many content creators who may not have previously seen the platform as a good bet .


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