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Instagram chooses Brazil to test new Stories tool that resembles the …

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Instagram chooses Brazil to test new Stories tool that resembles the ...

Instagram has announced that it will test, exclusively in Brazil, a new functionality of the platform. This Tuesday (12) the company launches for users in the country the "Scenes" function, which will allow editing in Stories, with image cuts, music inclusion and changes in frame rate.

The new feature is reminiscent of TikTok, a Chinese voice acting app that has turned into a fever, especially among younger people who already have over 1 billion users worldwide.

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In addition to being able to create a new type of Stories, "Scenes" will also be displayed on the "Explore" tab based on the interests and interactions the user already has. Content will be presented according to who the user already follows and the person's interest trends.

'Scenes', which is being tested exclusively in Brazil, will also be featured on the Explore tab. - Photo: Divulgação / Instagram

'Scenes', which is being tested exclusively in Brazil, will also be featured on the Explore tab. – Photo: Divulgação / Instagram

To start making a "Scene", just access the new function from the camera, in the same place that would be used to create the Stories. The feature is next to the familiar "Boomerang" and "Live".

Created content can be shared with all followers, the best friends list, or directly with a specific contact.

See what tools are available to create a "Scene":

  • Music: You can select a song that already exists in the Instagram library;
  • Speed: allows you to speed up or slow down the video frames;
  • Timer and countdown: allows the user to record with their hands free or synchronize the recording with the chosen song;
  • "Phantom" tool: This is the function that allows you to cut and add new scenes to the video, with different parts that can be sorted. You can also review the snippet by clicking on the image, or delete it and save it again.

The features released this Tuesday are very similar to those of the social network TikTok, by Chinese company Bytedance. TikTok works around audios and songs, with users using and reusing audios, with new interpretations and performances.

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On TikTok, the audience is younger than on Facebook social networks, which owns Instagram and also WhatsApp. According to a survey by consultancy Morning Consult, among 13- to 16-year-olds, TikTok use has already surpassed Facebook's – 42% of people in this range use TikTok, compared to 41% of Facebook. Nevertheless, Instagram usage is 79%. Among 17-21 year olds, Instagram usage is 84%.

Thinking of reaching out to younger audiences, Facebook has been investing in initiatives for Instagram and has even created a new app called Threads – it's linked to the platform and acts as a chat-only chat with people on the best list. friends.

For Isabela Ventura, president of Squid, a company that specializes in influence marketing, it makes sense to test this tool in Brazil, precisely because of the connection between music and social network in the country. "The focus of Instagram has been on engaging and engaging with music, questions and answers," he said.

Instagram says the interest in this kind of music content is what led the platform to invest in "Scenes". According to the company, more than half of users saw Stories who had the music sticker in the last month. There are 500 million people using Stories daily.

For Ventura, the implementation of the "Scenes" is a way to block the growth of competitors like TikTok in Brazil. "The current Instagram community is much larger than these. (This new role) gives us the opportunity, tools, to make the content creator on the social network more creative and more interesting for the network itself," he said.

There was already a movement of users who created content on TikTok that was later also shared on Instagram.

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This is not the first time that Facebook has incorporated competitor elements into its social networks. The very arrival of the Stories in 2017 was a way to deal with a competitor that grew a lot between 2015 and 2017, Snapchat. At the time, not only Instagram received Stories, but also Facebook and even WhatsApp.

Facebook has reason to want to remain a leader in social networks: having a digital environment where people want to be and sharing their stories, photos and moments is important to the company – the business model is to sell targeted advertising on social networks. . In the third quarter of this year, Facebook earned $ 17.3 billion in advertising. The profit was over $ 6 billion.

Zuckerberg has already criticized Chinese network

Facebook's concern about the rise of the TikTok network doesn't come from today. Earlier in October, in leaked audios from an employee meeting, Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg had already talked about it, saying the company was preparing to test a new network called Lasso that would compete with TikTok in some countries.

"We have a product called Lasso which is a standalone application we are working on, trying to fit the product into countries like Mexico. (…) We want to see first if we can make it work in countries where TikTok isn't so big. before competing in countries where they are already big, "Zuckerberg said.

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He spoke more aggressively of TikTok during a speech in which he spoke about freedom of expression. At the time, he cited TikTok as an example of a network that practices censorship with some types of content.

"While our services, such as WhatsApp, are being used by protesters and activists for strong encryption and privacy protection, at TikTok, the fastest growing Chinese app in the world, mentions of these protests are censored, even in the US. Is this the internet we want? "He asked.


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