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In live with Bolsonaro in 2019, new PRF director criticized fine with 'character …

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In live with Bolsonaro in 2019, new PRF director criticized fine with 'character ...

Named this Friday (22) as new director general of the Federal Highway Police, Eduardo Aggio de Sá participated in October 2019 in a live in which President Jair Bolsonaro defended the increase of the limit of points in the National Driver's License (CNH) ). In the same live, Aggio criticized traffic tickets that have what he called "tax collection character".

In the broadcast, Aggio stays with President Jair Bolsonaro for about 50 minutes.

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Bolsonaro and Aggio in 2019 live – Photo: Reproduction

Bolsonaro and Aggio in 2019 live – Photo: Reproduction

Bolsonaro defended to increase from 20 to 40 points the limit for the driver to have the National Driver's License (CNH) suspended by fines.

"Nowadays you lose your wallet with 20 points. There are an exaggerated number of spines in Brazil, you call it a sparrow. (…) Our proposal is to increase it to 40 points. In my view, it helps the truck driver, the taxi driver, the Uber guy, "Bolsonaro said at the time.

Eduardo Aggio said that there is a "distortion of punishment" in the fines, which, according to him, are used by the public authorities to raise money.

"The position of raising ends up bringing up some questions that, today, in some points, there is a distortion of punishment to a collection character. So, with the decisions that you have been making, we have a deconstruction of this", replied now director general of PRF.

In the broadcast, Bolsonaro also commented on the decree that allows collectors, snipers and hunters (CAC) to transport the weapon with ammunition from home to the shooting site.

"Come on, I know that the legislation is still complicated, we try to facilitate it, but we are going to invite the neighbor over there to be CAC, this is very good," said the president.

"Join the good guys," replied Aggio.

Prior to his appointment to the command of the PRF, Eduardo Aggio held the position of special advisor to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

In June 2019, President Jair Bolsonaro personally went to the Chamber of Deputies to deliver the bill that changes parts of the Brazilian Traffic Code. Among the changes, there is the expansion – from 20 to 40 points – of the limit for suspension of the National Driver's License (CNH).

The government project also envisages the extension of the license's validity, from five to ten years. The qualification of the elderly will also be extended from two and a half to five years.

The project rapporteur, Mr Juscelino Filho (DEM-MA), has already presented an opinion on the project, which is still awaiting a vote in the plenary session of the Chamber.

To the G1, the parliamentarian said that his report is already ready, but that he would be willing to talk if there was any articulation to include the matter on the agenda in the coming weeks. "The discussion cannot be ended. Until it is taken to the plenary, it may be that there is something or other that I can work on the project," he said.

He stressed, however, that there are some points that he does not give up, such as the escalation for the suspension of the CNH by fines. "I will defend my position. The idea of ​​the escalation was very mature. I believe you can take the text to the debate and, in case of divergence in the plenary, that present prominence or amendment. I do not intend to remove that from the text ", he said.

The Executive's proposal to raise the points limit for the suspension of CNH from 20 to 40 would be valid for all drivers.

Juscelino Filho's opinion, however, foresees a scale of points, in order to benefit drivers who drive responsibly.

  • If the driver has no serious infraction, he can have up to 40 points in his license
  • If the driver has a very serious infraction, he can reach up to 30 points in his license
  • If the driver has two very serious infractions, he may have up to 20 points in his license, before suspension

Eduardo Aggio de Sá has a law degree from the University of the Federal District and joined the Federal Highway Police in 2005.

According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Eduardo Aggio has a degree in politics and strategy and International Law on Armed Conflict from the Escola Superior de Guerra (ESG).

In the Federal Highway Police, he was substitute general director, chief of staff, as well as coordinator of Strategic Management, coordinator of the Office of Strategic Projects and head of the Intelligence Nucleus.

He was also director of public security policies in 2018 at the Ministry of Public Security and special advisor to the Government Secretariat and the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

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