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iFood announces commission discount and advance payment pass-through to …

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iFood announces commission discount and advance payment pass-through to ...

The food delivery app iFood announced to G1 on Wednesday (25) measures to help the approximately 140,000 restaurants that are on the platform during the coronavirus crisis. Among the proposals are the anticipation of payments made in the app and discounts on commissions that are paid to the company. The actions start on April 2 and are expected to last for 2 months.

The main item is the acceleration in the transfer of the amounts received via the app to restaurants. Merchants will have the money available in 7 days, no more in 30 days. With the decision, iFood projects that approximately R $ 600 million will be injected into the economy in April alone.

The benefit will be valid for all restaurants with more than 30 days on the platform that made sales from March 1st. The initiative was possible after iFood partnered with Banco Itaú, which made the whole process viable through the Rede card processor.

Food industries claim that the foodservice sector (food outside the home) is one of the most impacted in this crisis of the new coronavirus. In São Paulo, since Tuesday (24) only deliverys are allowed, which compromises the operation of several restaurants.

"We are acting on behalf of restaurants in this moment of crisis. We understand that it is time to collaborate with the chain's sustainability", says iFood's Vice President of Strategy, Diego Barreto.

Another measure will be a 20% discount, on average, on the amount charged by the commission with the restaurants. The initiative will be carried out by an assistance fund, created by the company, of R $ 50 million. The expectation is that 132 thousand small and medium-sized restaurants will be impacted.

"We do not take into account the geography of these establishments. Restaurants in all cities in Brazil will be impacted. Depending on the level of the restaurant within the platform, the discount may be even greater", explains Barreto.

No charge for the restaurant on pickup

With large cities interrupting restaurant activities, allowing only on-site delivery and withdrawal, iFood also announced that the amount collected in fees for the 'Pra Retirar' service (in which users place an order via the app and withdraw directly at the restaurant) will be returned in full to partner restaurants.

That is, if a person wants to buy something at the bakery and does not want to spend a long time away from home, they can place an order through the app to advance and only arrive at the place to collect the food. The owner of the establishment does not need to pay any commission for iFood. Only the payment method fees of the order will be maintained.

Currently, the resource is present in about 120 thousand restaurants located in more than a thousand cities across the country.

Last week, the company had already announced a R $ 1 million assistance fund to assist the approximately 83,000 delivery personnel on the platform. This fund aims to guarantee income equal to that of the previous month, in addition to basic baskets and meals.

Whoever presents suspicions or confirmed cases of Covid-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus, should report the problem in the app, which will block him from activities for 15 days and make the payment so that he can stay at home with some income.

To help prevent the proliferation of the disease, the company reinforces that consumers choose delivery without physical contact, an option that recently entered the application.

"We are doing a huge job so that people are aware of the importance of delivery without physical contact, to protect the health of employees and consumers", says Diego Barreto.

Uber also created help for employees

Uber announced on Tuesday a national program that will provide financial assistance for up to 14 days to drivers and delivery personnel (from the Uber Eats platform) who are with Covid-19 or have quarantined by a health agency.

According to the company, 1 million people work with the application in Brazil.

The amount received will be an average of the driver's daily earnings in the 6 months prior to March 6. If you have been using the app for less than that, the value will be an average from the beginning to the date.


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