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If you sit all day for work, you need this product

by ace
If you sit all day for work, you need this product

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If you work at a desk all day, you need this product. (Photo: Getty Images)

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It all started when I hurt my back as a teenager. My first job, at 16, was working in an Italian restaurant as a bus. I spent what seemed like all my time there and eventually passed the waitress. I loved the people I worked with and I loved the work (although I could live without all the food and wine stains on my clothes!). But if you've worked in the food industry, you know how hard it is. You need to remember orders, deal with cranky or petty customers and there is a lot of physical work involved.

I ended up working in several restaurants during high school and college. Between carrying huge boxes of food and huge trays of food, it really cost me a price. My back, in particular, was not happy and began to get irritated by the smallest tasks, such as vacuuming or leaning over the sink to do the dishes. Since I didn't want to have back problems all my life, I started physical therapy – and although I had significantly improved, I still had to make sure I wasn't pushing the limits of all the activities I was doing.

The product that changed everything

This back pillow molds to your back and provides incredible support. (Photo: Magazine | Rachel Moskowitz)

I currently have a full time office job and this allows me to change at a very different pace. I spend hours sitting at a table, leaning over a computer. Although there is minimal physical activity involved, my desk work presents different risks to my back. For one thing, offices rarely have comfortable chairs. Although they may feel comfortable with their tension, they tend not to support your back too much.

I realized this when I started my first work from 9 to 5. I was so sore after sitting at my desk all day. I thought to myself, “How does that make sense ?! I'm not moving! "But that was exactly my problem. My back was so stiff from being constantly sitting in an unsupported position. I had to get a new chair or find some magic medicine that would cure my back pain, or I wouldn't survive life in my life." table from 9am to 5pm.

I went to Amazon and started looking for back support pillows. There are tons, I won't lie, but after seeing one of them with over 2,700 positive reviews, I pulled the trigger and bought it. I have the Lumbar Pillow Lumbar Support LoveHome Memory Foam for a little over $ 25 and it was worth it.

What I love about LoveHome backrest cushion

It's incredibly easy to attach to any chair (you can even use it in the car!) (Photo: Magazine | Rachel Moskowitz)

I was really nervous about bringing this little backing pad to work. Who am I having back problems, 80 years old ?! Fortunately, it mixes very subtly. It is relatively small, black in color (although in many different colors) and easily attaches to the back of the chair. It has adjustable straps so you can fit it into almost any chair. I was relieved to have been so direct and didn't need to cause a show to put him in my chair.

Once installed, I completely forgot that he was there – except that he no longer felt pain. I could sit at my desk for hours at my computer and my back seemed to be in a cloud. The memory foam molds to the back curve and provides tremendous relief. To my horror, however, my co-workers asked about this. I explained to them how the uncomfortable chairs were causing me lower back pain and that this pillow helped ease the pain.

And guess what? THEY AGREE. They said they were having similar problems and asked me to share the Amazon link with them. At the end of the week, my co-worker Kari had an identical support pillow (and Annie constantly loaned it to herself whenever Kari was out of the office!). On second thought, I don't know why I was so nervous. They were so grateful that I shared my uncomfortable chair hack. with them I now share it with everyone.

Should you buy the LoveHome back cushion?

Say goodbye to your hard back after a long day at work. (Photo: Magazine | Kate McCarthy)

Honestly, yes. The LoveHome back cushion is such a simple to install and portable product that it has made the transition to my current job easier (unsupported office chairs seem to be a trend everywhere!). It's perfect for easing back pain in these uncomfortable office chairs, but that's not the only situation you can use it for. Anytime you are sitting all day – or at least for long periods of time – you will be happy to have this problem. Boy. He can provide support during long car trips (I like to take mine on trips) and it's great to use if driving is part of his job description. My dad owns a truck company and many of his truckers use it for long trips. Truly anyone can benefit from this product.

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