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Hyundai factory in Piracicaba announces return of two work shifts

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Hyundai factory in Piracicaba announces return of two work shifts

The factory will adapt the production volume to market demand, “which is still in a recovery phase due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the national economy”, according to an official note. For this reason, the factory’s first shift begins a new period of suspension (lay-off), which runs until July 25th.

“The partial operation of the factory, now with only the 2nd and 3rd shifts working, was duly agreed with the Union of Metallurgical Workers of Piracicaba (STMP), based on the Federal Government’s employment protection measures.”

The company said it will follow the determinations and guidelines of health authorities to combat the pandemic. Therefore, all employees who resume activities this Friday will wear fabric masks provided by Hyundai.

“Processes of hygiene and protection against contamination were introduced in transportation, in the entrances and environments of the factory and offices, in workstations and in the areas of food and rest. The body temperature of employees will also be monitored daily,” said Hyundai .

According to the company, any change in the current pandemic scenario may imply new actions.

Work at the Piracicaba plant was suspended on March 20, after an employee was identified with suspected coronavirus. He tested negative for the disease later.

With the beginning of the quarantine in the State of São Paulo, the factory announced collective vacations on March 26 and the forecast was that they would end on April 13, subsequently extended indefinitely.

At the end of April, the company announced the suspension of the work contracts (lay-off) of the employees of the plant in Piracicaba, due to the continuation of quarantine in the state and the impact of the pandemic of the new coronavirus in the country.

The measure is valid for offices in São Paulo until May 26, with a return scheduled for May 27. During the period, the automaker is supplementing the federal government’s emergency benefit so that each employee continues to receive the same net salary, without any reduction.


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