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Honda confirms 39 cases of rupture in the 'deadly airbags' in Brazil; in 16 …

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Honda confirms 39 cases of rupture in the 'deadly airbags' in Brazil; in 16 ...

The information was obtained by G1 this Saturday (15). In September 2018, Honda had said there were 28 cases, of which 11 were injured.

The first death caused by "deadly airbags" in Brazil was reported by Honda last Friday (14). The accident, according to the manufacturer, occurred in Rio de Janeiro, on January 27, involving a 2008 Civic.

The expertise, according to the company, "determined that there was an abnormal rupture of the Takata airbag inflator, causing injuries that led to the driver's death."

The 2008 Civic had not gone through the recall reported in 2015, which warned of a possible failure in the driver's bag. Honda did not provide the victim's identity.

In addition to Honda, another 14 brands called for recalls to replace the defective equipment in the country (see all calls).

These Takata airbags are linked to 22 deaths in the United States, Australia and Malaysia, and have triggered the biggest recall in history. The case became known as the "deadly airbags".

Takata revealed the defect in 2013.

Since then, in Brazil alone, more than 2 million cars, from 15 different brands, have been called in to replace the defective part of these airbags, called an inflator.

The insufflator is a kind of metal box that houses the gas that makes the air bag inflate. The defect in this part causes an opening that is too strong when the airbag is deployed. In addition, the failure generates cracks in the insufflator and, with the explosion of the airbag, it shatters, throwing pieces of metal at the occupants, causing injuries that can be fatal and have already been compared to stab wounds.

Understand the case of Takata's 'deadly airbags'; Brazil has recalls

Honda also said it has been "leading a series of pioneering initiatives to raise the campaign's rate of recall", listing the actions.

The automaker informs that it has carried out actions beyond those required by law, such as national broadcasting of video on open TV to alert customers, partnerships with Detrans from São Paulo and Paraná and with insurance companies, to reach the current owners of vehicles, among other initiatives.



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