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Having children more a priority for Westerners – Swansea uni study

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Having children more a priority for Westerners - Swansea uni study

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People of Western cultures are more likely to look for a partner who wants children than those from the east, according to a study from Swansea University.

The survey found that women and men in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia are more likely to prioritize a partner who wants children.

Andrew Thomas of Swansea University said this was a result of better family planning options.

Appearance and kindness ranked highly in all cultures and both sexes.

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The research, conducted by scientists from Swansea University and other academic institutions around the world, gave 2,500 participants virtual dollars to spend on the features they would look for in a partner.

Budgets were restricted to determine people's priorities when looking for a partner.

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Kindness, humor and appearance scored high for Western women, while wishing for significantly higher children than other groups.

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Western men were the only group in which goodness did not stand out.

Women in Western countries spent 12.6% of their budgets on the "want to have children" feature, while men spent 7.8% of them on the same feature.

But men and women in Eastern cultures, such as China, Indonesia, and Malaysia, spent less of their budgets on this, with men spending 6.6 percent and women 6.2 percent.

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Religion was considered important for humor by eastern women

Thomas, who co-administered the study, said the difference is probably due to better family planning options in Western cultures.

"In Western cultures there was contraception, we have freedom to abort," he said.

"We have the option to postpone things. As a Westerner, you have ways of turning around and saying 'I don't want to have children', but in the eastern counties it's a more natural consequence of being in a relationship." "

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Men in both cultures rated physical attractiveness higher than financial perspective

The most common priority in both cultures was kindness, which led the way in both cultures and genders, except for Western men, where physical attractiveness was highest.

Humor was considerably higher in Western cultures, with women spending 17.3% of their budget and 18.4% of men, compared with only 11.1% for eastern women and 11% for eastern men. .

But religion and chastity were considerably more desirable in Eastern cultures, while these were of minor importance to men and women in the West.

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