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Greece crisis: Islands in RUINS as ‘nightmare within nightmare’ scenario erupts

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Greece crisis: Islands in RUINS as 'nightmare within nightmare' scenario erupts

This is the glaring verdict of human rights researchers who claim that Greece faces a "nightmare within a nightmare" if an outbreak occurs when the country remains in financial ruin. Express.co.uk reported that some 38,000 refugees currently live in terror camps, without water or electricity to support them. The refugees are from Turkey, which allowed them to travel to the EU after disobeying their pact with the bloc on controlled migration.

Turkey's reluctance to continue with the agreement came about as a result of Brussels' flawed approach to where refugees would later be resettled.

With thousands of people, many children, huddled in these needy areas, able to shelter just 6,000, mass panic broke out in the Aegean islands, where they currently reside.

Residents and volunteers fear that, at any time, a case of coronavirus could be contracted, leading to a rapid spread through the hygienic fields.

Earlier this week, the International Rescue Committee described the situation as a “sandbox ready to explode”, before asking EU member states to help transfer refugees to safe locations within the bloc.

But now, the group of researchers, Human Rights Watch, is demanding that Greece take steps to avoid a nightmare scenario, where cases of infection are increasing strongly on its islands.

HRW joined 21 other human rights organizations in condemning the Greek government, which has received millions of EU support in the fight against the refugee crisis.

Eva Cosse, HRW researcher in Greece, said: “Restricting thousands of women, men and children in severely overcrowded camps, where living conditions are unacceptable, makes it impossible to isolate people exposed to COVID-19 or meet minimum prevention requirements and protection. measures, including hand washing and social distance.

"The Greek government urgently needs to move people to mainland Greece."

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The IRC confirmed that so far no cases of the coronavirus have been found in its refugee centers, but Greece has recently confirmed the infection.

The main concern is how quickly the virus will spread and whether Greece, which has been plagued by financial difficulties for years, despite EU bailouts, will be able to control it.

Fotini Kokkinaki, from HumanRights360, added: “When the virus hits overcrowded fields in Greece, the consequences will be devastating.

“This will be a nightmare within an existing nightmare since the public health system collapsed during the previous years of the economic depression.

"We must act now before it is too late."


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