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Google will bring Nest Mini home speaker to Brazil

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Google will bring Nest Mini home speaker to Brazil

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Usually with little hardware news in Brazil, Google announced the arrival of a product to the country: the Nest Mini, home speaker that tells the company's voice assistant.

The product was announced for $ 49 in the United States during the "Made by Google" event on Thursday (25) – which brings together the company's top product announcements for the year. Despite this, no prices or dates of the national release of the product were disclosed.

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Nest Mini is the successor to Google Home, named for the old generation of Google home automakers. In addition to Brazil, it was announced to 22 other countries.

With this type of product you can connect smart devices around the house and place voice orders, from turning on light bulbs, smart TVs, to simpler orders like temperature checking, asking questions, and other questions using the Assistant.

Google already had a device with Assistant in Brazil, in partnership with JBL.

The announcement followed another giant, Amazon, which launched Echo in Brazil earlier this month. Amazon has come here with three home products and the cheapest of them, the Echo Dot, comes out for $ 349. In the US, Echo Dot and Nest Mini are virtually the same price.

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