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Google stops Chrome update that damages Apple macOS system

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Google stops Chrome update that damages Apple macOS system

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Google has stopped distributing a Chrome browser update for macOS that was damaging Apple's operating system and preventing computers and notebooks from turning on properly.

The announcement was posted by a company employee on Chrome's tech support site on Wednesday (25). The announcement states that a new update is being prepared to correct the error, but affected users will need to manually recover their system.

According to Google, System Health Protection, available since OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan", 2015), prevents the problem in most cases. Anyone who disabled this feature or uses a version earlier than 10.11 was subject to a corrupted system.

The first symptom to appear on corrupted computers was the malfunction of some applications. If the system was restarted or shut down, the boot was interrupted by a serious kernel panic error. From there, the computer could only be started in "rescue mode".

Who needs to repair the system must follow instructions provided by Google and enter a series of commands that uninstall the harmful update and restore the operating system.

Risk for alternative hardware

The first complaints on social networks pointed to Media Composer video editing software as responsible for the problem. Avid, which develops the software, said on its website that it was looking into customer reports.

Avid then found that its software was unrelated to the error presented and the real culprit – Chrome – was identified.

However, many video publishers disable System Health Protection to use non-Apple graphics processing cards – which has increased the number of users affected in this group.

Anyone who uses Apple's system on ordinary computers in the form of "Hackintosh" was also at risk. In such cases, health protection is often disabled to ensure compatibility with non-Apple approved hardware.

According to an analysis published on the Chrome development site, the system can be corrupted even if System Health Protection is enabled. However, the conditions for the error to manifest in this scenario are more specific.

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Stamp Altieres Rohr - Photo: Illustration: G1

Stamp Altieres Rohr – Photo: Illustration: G1

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