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Google provides $ 800 million in aid to healthcare organizations and …

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Google provides $ 800 million in aid to healthcare organizations and ...

Google on Friday pledged to allocate $ 800 million to support health organizations and research centers responding to the coronavirus pandemic. The value should also help companies affected by the crisis.

Aid will be in cash, advertising credits and cloud computing services, according to Google President Sundar Pichai.

Of that total, $ 250 million will be donated to the World Trade Organization and more than 100 organizations worldwide that provide information to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, according to Pichai.

About $ 340 million will be made available for small and medium-sized businesses to post ads on Google's advertising network. These companies are among those affected by isolation, due to the risk of the virus.

"We hope this helps to alleviate some of the cost of keeping in touch with your customers," said Pichai in an Internet post.

A global pool of $ 20 million in credits for Google's cloud hosting services will also be available to researchers and academic institutions exploring ways to fight the pandemic or who are tracking critical data about its spread.

"Together, we will continue to help our communities, including companies, educators, researchers and non-profit organizations, to face future challenges," said Pichai.

Google has been working with its partners for a month to increase the production of protective equipment, such as masks for healthcare professionals.

Employees in Alphabet's divisions, including Google, Verily and X, for their part, are working on projects, supply chain and healthcare with equipment manufacturers to increase the production of hospital respirators needed to keep some Covid- 19, according to Pichai.


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