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Fury after French tourist boats threaten famous Jersey reef

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Fury after French tourist boats threaten famous Jersey reef

About 700 French boats are expected to disrupt the protected reef, Les Ecrehous, due to works starting at the nearest port, Carteret, in Normandy. Experts fear this devastated wildlife on the reef, home to one of the rarest seabirds, the Roseate Tern.

The flooding of French boats is already causing an increase in anti-social behavior complaints.

Calls were made for police or guards to be deployed to alert people of their unacceptable behavior.

Jersey's Ramsar Management Authority (RMA), which works to protect reefs, wrote to the government demanding more legislation to protect the area.

They are asking the government to offer protection against "apathetic" individuals who "do decades of harm through a single careless or conscious act."

The official said the increase in the number of private boats, individuals and occasionally dogs entering Ramsar sites will have "potentially catastrophic effects on wildlife and reef habitats."

Kevin McIlwee, president of Jersey Marine Conservation, told The Daily Telegraph that French boats arrive through narrow channels near the seal population.

He said: “As a result, seals are continually disturbed and often unable to get enough time to digest food or rest.

“Puppies in the path of large females and bulls are at risk of serious injury as seals retreat to water safety.”

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Ecrehous is a small group of islands and rocks 10 kilometers from Jersey and 13 kilometers from France.

The area is home to seabirds – eagle eyes spotting terns, oysters, cormorants and kingfishers – as well as dolphins and gray seals.



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