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Frankfurt show in 7 highlights: from Defender’s return to streetcar power

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Frankfurt show in 7 highlights: from Defender's return to streetcar power

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The event also marked the return of an icon, the now modernized Land Rover Defender jeep. And there were curiosities, such as the BMW whose painting does not reflect light, and also a space for the classics. O G1 separated 5 highlights from the event, see below.

In times of discussion about leaving the UK from the European Union, an Englishman stole the scene in Frankfurt. Land Rover presented at the event the new generation of its biggest icon, Defender. The model has already been confirmed to arrive in Brazil next year, fully modernized.

The new aluminum body is 3 times stiffer than traditional models, according to the brand. The suspension is independent and, in some versions, airborne, and with a system that reacts almost instantaneously to road conditions. read more

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Land Rover Relaunch Defender

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Land Rover Relaunch Defender

ID, the electric that wants to revolutionize

After the dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen turned its “helm” towards electric cars, which do not emit polluting gases. The first concrete result of the brand’s ambitious plan was presented in Frankfurt: the ID.3, the version of the electric compact that will hit stores.

At the presentation, the automaker compared him in importance to the Beetle. With a similar size to the Golf, the ID should sell for about 30 thousand euros (R $ 135 thousand) and the range will be between 330 and 550 km.

Honda also enters the fray

Another final version presented at the fair is the “Honda e”, the first electric compact of the Japanese automaker. Its retro look is based on the first Civic. Chevrolet Onix-sized, it should be sold at a price similar to the larger Volkswagen ID. read more

Frankfurt Motor Show: 'Get in' on Honda's 1st Electric Compact Car

Frankfurt Motor Show: ‘Get in’ on Honda’s 1st Electric Compact Car

If all automakers are keeping an eye on the streetcar market, the supercar makers would not miss the wave. Lamborghini unveiled its first hybrid car, the Sián, which combines a 6.3-liter V12 gasoline engine with an electric to produce the brand’s most powerful 830 hp.

Porsche also made its way into the “electrification” of cars by launching the first model of its kind. Before being shown at the salon, Taycan was introduced to the trade press. Aiming at the Tesla Model S, the sport has 625 horsepower, and can run up to 450 km on a battery charge. read more

A hall of curiosity was the X6 Vantablack, a BMW SUV concept whose paint absorbs almost 100% of the light. Result: Does not reflect anything. Is it the reinvention of “matte black”? read more

Frankfurt Motor Show: Meet the BMW with non-reflecting paint

Frankfurt Motor Show: Meet the BMW with non-reflecting paint

‘Old Man’ of $ 18 million

The largest salon also allows for the purchase of cars … not of the releases, but of the classics. And one of them, 91 years old, is offered for $ 18 million. read more

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