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Five-star running back TreVeyon Henderson commits to Ohio State

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Five-star running back TreVeyon Henderson commits to Ohio State

Eleven days after the state of Ohio added a four-star race back to its recruiting class in 2021, the Buckeyes secured the commitment of a five-star runner.

TreVeyon Henderson, a 5-foot, 11-kg player from Hopewell, Virginia, announced Friday night on Twitter that he would be joining next year's class, which is already in first place nationally. Henderson is classified as the 17th overall perspective nationally and the second ranked second in the composite ranking of 247Sports. He becomes the 15th member of the Ohio State recruiting class in 2021.

"Where I am from, a lot of people can't get out," said Henderson in his Twitter ad, "and leaving is difficult to do. So I ran. I ran out of problems. Every challenge I saw, I passed. The next challenge is one I’m not running from. I’m running to.

"For my mom, my family, my friends, my coaches and teammates, I wouldn't be here without you. You are the reason I'm running now, running for the chance to repay everything you gave me. Maybe I don't know everything about where I’m going. But I know there’s a place where I’ll get everything I need so that one day I can come home and make a difference for those in need. ”

On March 6, North Carolina, chasing Evan Pryor, committed to the state of Ohio. He ranked number 85 in general perspective in the 247Sports rankings and number 6 in a row.

"He's a game changer, a home hitter," said Bill Kurelic, recruiting analyst at Bucknuts. “They basically have a great team with him and Evan Pryor now. You can be the main character, a J.K. The Dobbins guy and the other – Pryor – can be the defenders who play in the backfield and in the slot and are great route runners and pass catchers. It's a great combination. "

Henderson also considered Michigan, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Virginia.

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Henderson played as a defender and defensive as a freshman and in the second year of high school until he emerged last year as a runner. He ran for 2,424 yards and 45 touchdowns for Hopewell, who was undefeated and won the state title.

"He has great speed and is an escape threat," said Kurelic.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day during the Fiesta Bowl against Clemson in December.

Henderson and Pryor's additions came after the state of Ohio had to struggle to sign a three-star race, Miyan Williams, in last year's class, after high profile prospects that the Buckeyes hoped to land.

"When you started recruiting for 2021, going back was priority 1," said Kurelic. “They signed only one last year when they wanted two. This year, getting two of the top five backs in the country is a grand slam. You have two great ones in an absolute privileged position. "


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