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Facebook, Uber and Spotify: Check out lighter apps for mobile

by ace
Facebook, Uber and Spotify: Check out lighter apps for mobile

Is your phone crashing and without good friends face? One reason for this may be the lack of space in the internal memory. Therefore, the solution there will have to be a good cleaning on the device, deleting photos, videos, audios, applications and other possible excesses.

Well, in the latter case it might not be so necessary. Did you know there are lighter apps from very popular programs? Netizen Hugo Siqueira sang the ball from Facebook Lite, which uses less data and is lighter to install.

Inspired by the tip, we've put together other apps – from Uber, Spotify and more – that are designed for those who need to save data (yes, they consume less) and make room on the phone.

General features of "Lite" versions:

  • They are lighter
  • Take up less space on mobile
  • Download is faster
  • Save internet data
  • No fast internet connections required to work
  • They have some limitations, but work with the main features of "normal" versions.

Facebook Lite

The app provides the same features as contact timeline, photos, videos, likes and comments notifications, status. But it has a cleaner look and not so much colorful detail compared to the original.

Facebook Messenger Lite

The Facebook chat app works like your big brother. But it only has 10 MB at download time. You can send text, voice and video messages. But it does not have GIF searches and not all games work within it.

Uber Lite

Even Uber got on the wave. It is only 5 MB and takes up little space on mobile. It was created to work only on Android. Travel requests are very similar to the more robust version.

Spotify Lite

It works basically the same as standard Spotify, but lets you listen to songs and podcasts in the simplest quality possible. It was created with a focus on users with more limited data plans.

Twitter Lite

Twitter fans can celebrate because it also has a leaner version. The installation file is only 3 MB. An interesting feature is the data saving function, which consumes less when downloading images, videos and GIFs. Instead of the app automatically downloading these files, the user chooses exactly what content to open.


The Google search app also has its lighter version (7 MB). With it, the user can do text searches, translate words and find fun GIFs.

According to the company, search results can save up to 40% of user data.

Speaking of Google, the company has a number of "Lite" applications:

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