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End of the requirement of simulator for CNH and suspension of classes for fifty …

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End of the requirement of simulator for CNH and suspension of classes for fifty ...

The number of classes to take the CNH (National Driver's License) will be reduced from this Monday (16). The change determined by the federal government last June also alters the process to obtain the ACC (Authorization to Drive Moped), document required to drive fifty, as are known mopeds up to 50 cm³.

  • It is #FAKE that resolution determines end of driving lessons and extends CNH term to 20 years

Understand the changes in detail:

CNH (Category B, Cars)

  • ends the requirement to use the simulator in driving schools for those who want to take the CNH in category B. Taking classes on the device is optional;
  • As a result, the number of required hours / classes drops. It will go from 25 to 20 hours. It is the same workload as before the simulator was adopted.
  • For 1 year, anyone who wants to drive fifty can take the theoretical and practical tests without taking classes. Only if you fail, will you have to take practical classes;
  • From September 2020, classes will be required again, but the number will drop from 20 to 5 hours, one of which must be nightly.
  • In the practical exam, the candidate can use his own moped – provided that the vehicle has a maximum of 5 years of use.

Rio Grande do Sul maintains simulator

By preliminary decision, in August, the Federal Regional Court of the 4th Region (TRF-4), maintained the obligation to hold simulator classes to obtain the CNH in Rio Grande do Sul.

The order was given after a lawsuit filed by the state Driver Training Centers Union (SindiCFC-RS). This request had been denied in the first instance.

Government says cost will fall

At the time the enablement changes were announced, the government said they were aimed at reducing bureaucracy and reducing costs.

"The simulator has no proven effectiveness, no one has been able to prove that it is important for the driver. In countries around the world it is not mandatory, even in countries with excellent levels of traffic safety," Infrastructure Minister Tarcísio Freitas said in a statement. June.

The ministry's executive secretary, Marcelo Sampaio, said he hoped that schools that left the market could come back with the end of the simulator, which, according to him, should also contribute to lowering the costs to obtain a license.

Expert Reviews

The changes were criticized by traffic experts. “When we reduce the burden to lower costs, we increase the risk of accidents in the future, and as a consequence, increase health costs, for example,” said Renato Campestrini, technical manager of the National Road Safety Observatory.

According to Mauricio Januzzi, a lawyer specializing in traffic law, "the government is taking away some key driver training areas at the expense of lower costs."

“Perhaps, in the name of 'less bureaucracy', we have a sad scenario with the increase in traffic accidents and deaths,” said Flavia Vegh Bissoli, vice president of the traffic commission of the OAB-SP.

For the president of the São Paulo State Schools Union, Magnelson Carlos de Souza, reducing bureaucracy is positive, but drivers should continue to take classes in simulators.

“The simulator has some advantages. It is faster and cheaper. If you add both, I have no doubt that he (the student) will choose the simulator. But the market will shape it, ”he said.

Earlier this month, the Rio Grande do Sul-based Latin American Road Safety Institute (Ilasv) called on the court to annul the resolution.

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